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  1. Mr. Belvedere's buttchugging a bucket of bacon bits, but I'm obliged to chug butt butter.
  2. Hop off the gravy train and into your gravy boats, there's a gravy flood acomin'.
  3. flem05

    Episode 124 — Bro-ing Out Pt Deux

    Was the rivalry also the reason Brad had a baby?
  4. flem05

    Marissa Wompler is hot

    I first heard her on episode 92 with Andy Richter. Because I wasn't completely familiar with the show yet, I believed she was real. It was hilarious, but I felt awkward and wrong.
  5. flem05

    Episode 112 - Since You've Been Gone

    What happened to the CROWD of people that is usually standing in Dame Sir ALW's way when he's entering?