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    Episode 7 — Expensive Pillow

    I might be the only one that has a problem with this, but in iTunes all these episodes show the same release date (or at least most of them do.) This is playing havoc with my (admittedly ocd) method of listening to podcasts, which is chronologically. I make a playlist of podcasts in the order they were released, that way all the current events references sync up nicely. The only problem is I listen to so many podcasts (I'm trying to cut down, really) that I'm currently about ten days behind. I know the last five Affirmation Nation episodes didn't all come out on the 2nd, but iTunes thinks they did. If you address this problem, please don't retroactively change the date on old episodes, just going forward, because retagging old episodes makes deleted ones I've already listened to pop up in my iTunes feed confusingly. (That happened with Comedy Bang Bang and The Wolf Den a few episodes ago, where I ended up getting the same episode twice because it had been renamed.) Wow, I really sound like a lunatic asshole, I'll try to be more constructive and less complainy in future posts. I love Earwolf, and wish the best for all of you, and I'll do anything I can do to help you out as far as bitching and complaining goes. -Phill