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    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    @Scott Aukerman . Thankyou. I agree with this 10000 percent. Let it simmer all day. . (Im enjoying these comments- be as sarcastic or inflammatory as you want) . "the only thing you want to watch out for is grinding the same axe over and over... that's when we start to ban, is when it seems like someone is waiting to pounce on any post that disagrees with them." . A-OK
  2. DirkGently

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    @Elliot Imes Apparently earwolf is still developing and hasn't put in things like 'paragraph breaks' and 'spacing'. The only way to make it look presentable AT ALL is to put those 'bullet points' in between paragraphs. Try it yourself... paragraphs just get slurrrrred together without those points. I'm not faulting them for that- I'm just defending my use of them. Sorry.
  3. DirkGently

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    @JW Buchanan ROFL. Me too. assuming he replies it will take him a while to deflate what I said. It's still early morning in CA... he's just now waking up and groggy... give him time.
  4. DirkGently

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    @Jeff Ullrich . Cute story Bro! . "Well it looks like Earwolf is going to lose Dirk as a listener because he's right, Totally Laime is going to win because, well...I've fixed it." . nice lead in to your bit... . "I then infiltrated the comedy world, starting first with Scott Aukerman" . Like me saying... I infiltrated the Apple corporation by befriending a bum on the corner of 1st and Market. . "So I spent an entire year adding other shows, biding my time, waiting for my chance. In the meantime, I was casually mentioning to all the comedians I know that they should be a guest on that great "indie" podcast, Totally Laime and they fell for it." . This sounds plausible. . "I wanted it to look as much like a real, legitimate reality show as possible. And my plan was working. No one knew of my love for Elizabeth (sorry Andy) and the comedians never put two and two together that I had suggested they guest on TL. As you can see, my strategy has paid off. TL will win, finally get to have a successful podcast and no one will know that I was behind the whole thing." . This is an attempt at humor or sarcasm I assume. You're really reaching tho. . "The annoying thing now is that I'm broke and all I have to show for my efforts is this stupid podcasting network that I never wanted anyway. It's a small price to pay for love. No thanks to Dirk and J Pangelinan for blowing my cover. " . You're clearly new to 'internet trolling' and responding to trolls. I'll give you a free pass this time (much like you've given to totally laime). You can joke about "oh well I guess we lost a listener with you" but in all honesty- your podcasts and popularity spread more via word of mouth than anything else. I've been SHILLING for you guys since the start. . I meet a lot of people who have never heard a podcast and sometimes I turn them on to earwolf or acebroadcasting and others. It's a VERY word-of-mouth type thing. Oft-times I download a podcast 3-4 times... once on my Mac, once on my phone, once on my iPod... Don't laugh off my boycott so easily Jeff. Sure, it's not going to make or break you, but making enemies is never good business. . In reality tho- you and I both know totally Laime is a joke and wont win. I can guarantee you 1000% tho that Dum Dum podcast WILL WIN. why? because you want listeners and clicks. That's a fact -jack(jeff ... errr). Dum Dum is the only podcast on here (now that TV zombies is gone) that people might actually tune into. Totally Laime is, as I've said... totally lame. . You tried to be insulting and sarcastic to me, now I wouldn't even be surprised if you nazi-crushed my comment/feedback like a evil dictator. Guys on the internet love to abuse power like crazy- I expect you're no different. . This thing is quickly turning into a farce. Just like REALITY TV shows. I guess if that's the format you think will succeed then by all means go ahead. You even got guys like Besser involved- guys with integrity who people respect. That will make this farce far more convincing. . Totally Laime hasn't had a single entry that's been better than mediocre. Most of them have been worse. I realize that under the accepted 'American idol'/'dancing with the stars' reality game show format you're keeping them around because- well... Just because. I guess you need a fakey-type plastic show like this in the running till at least the penultimate episode. Or you FEEL that way anyhow. . I guess I shouldn't be complaining about integrity when it's clear all you want it views/hits. I'm just a little concerned you got people WITH integrity (Besser, Morris, Kremer) to go along with this. . Also I'll take a moment to agree with everyone that says that this whole thing is a little half assed. I think it was yesterday Matt didn't even know what the rules/official statement of the contest was- didn't know the copy that you sent out to the contestants. Maybe you should call it "Earwolf Challenge beta test 1.0". I can't fault you for making mistakes because this is how we learn- but I can fault you for seemingly keeping around podcasts because you think it will enhance the drama in later episodes. I'm sure this will backfire with totally Laime because they've never shown one iota of anything resembling talent to begin with. Oh- wait... I guess she said she payed for improv classes @ UCB newyork.... Ahhh . Like I said b4- you'll prolly get an itchy trigger finger and strike this comment from the record- maybe you'll ban me from the forums because I stated my opinion and there isn't room for free speech here. Oh well. My 2 cents (5 cents?)
  5. DirkGently

    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    WTF was this? talk about FIXED. I smell BS. Totally Laime is TOTALLY LAME. I didn't laugh once at that POS sketch. Poor concept, poor execution. why are they still here? You trying to 'change it up' or 'do the unexpected'? Go back and listen to totally Laime first appearance. ALL THEY DID was name drop, name drop, name drop. O-K SURE. That would be cool if they had any talent or comedy chops, but in their case it seems like she is literally coasting on this 'cute voice' vibe. Is this highschool? Why do they get multiple free passes? I expected more from Seth, Tig, and Matt... WTF WTF WTF That said, I'll boycott the entire fucking earwolf network if totally laime wins this. This is gearing up to be the phoneyest show this side of american Idol. Also- More filler guys! wtf. As you eliminate these podcasts the shows get shorter and shorter! how long is the final episode gonna be? 6 minutes? dumb dumb dumb.
  6. DirkGently

    Best Howard quotes and questions

    "College has been great- You call me AfroJack from now on" I still laugh when I hear this episode
  7. DirkGently

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    Strange all the love this one is getting. I had to turn it off. Scott Aukerman is seriously annoying and has terrible taste in everything. I thought him liking Prince was gay but then all this dance music and terrible jokes. He's like a giggling, prancing, fairy. Not funny. Sorry you had to sit thru that WeeWee
  8. DirkGently

    Episode 5.3 — Using the Guest: Day 3

    Fucking sucks man. I really like television zombies. I wish you could have nuked f plus or totally laime. That said... totally laime SHOULDN'T WIN Matt's Awesome. Totally brutal with those guys... don't remember verbatim.... Marc: wow... they don't usually even have guests... Matt: Well they could say they don't usually have ANYTHING... so then EVERYTHING is a stretch...
  9. The Television Zombies and The Dum Dum podcast seem to be the most amusing. I guess they have the least to lose by being eliminated because I don't think this contest is going to make or break them- they're both so good. (they really brow beat the shit out of that guy who did the hack-comic sketch didn't they? ROFLMFAO.)
  10. DirkGently

    Episode 34 — It\'s Pronounced \"RO-bits\"

    Where are those ringtones? will they work on my iPhone? I want the music chart song!
  11. I liked the scifi guys podcast theme. I don't think Matt and the judges understood the jokes. The 'fucking amys daughter' wasn't out of line at all- it was a gibberish plot twist in the series and NEEDS to be joked about. That said, the Totally Lame podcast are a bunch of name-droppers... they might win this thing. I realize neither of those things are in this episode XD
  12. DirkGently

    Episode 109 — The Andy Samberg Special

    Gayest episode of 2011- You guys are some fucking fagits! 3 plane breaks? wtf!?! fagets!
  13. DirkGently

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    WAY too much Scott Aukerman on this one... Scentient cake-droid heaven was the best. Cake wolf was not funny
  14. DirkGently

    Episode 27 — Abandon Sex!

    The Eggbert shit had me in pain from laughing so hard... then Howie said 'College has been great- You call me AfroJack now' and I choked to death.
  15. DirkGently

    Episode 94 — Dip Didda Dip Dow!

    gah. New format wiped out the old comment system? Anyway... DIP DIP DIP DOOOOOOOOW Just re-listened to this one... AGAIN... Andy Daly is fucking GENIUS That kid who sang the song about the gym teacher... fucking painful....