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    Atheism and negative reactions

    As a believer in the same God that Tim Tebow believes in and a believer in intelligent design, I absolutely love this show and have never been offended by anything said on it. I've listened since the first episode and will continue listening to it until podcasts stop being a thing. There have been things that Matt has said that I personally disagree with, but he's entitled to his opinion just as I am to mine. I want to make it known that there is at least one "Christian" (which I consider myself to be even though I don't like the term's connotations) who listens to this show and has no problem with the subject matter.
  2. My name is Scott, and I love Bang Bang. This is Scott loves Bang Bang coming to you live from a studio in Los Angeles, California on June seventh two oceans twelve.
  3. Toaster ovens have a new pair of pants to read their horoscopes with. That was a catch phrase submission from Panda Rash.
  4. Will the real Slim Shady roll this way? Roll this way? Roll this way?
  5. I lost my Sklar-ginity to episode 42 with Demetri Martin. Yea, it took a while, but I think practicing abstinence made it even more special for me.
  6. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry You Don't Mess With the Zohan Grown Ups Paul Blart: Mall Cop The Dilemma and now, of course, Zookeeper. They all work.
  7. dave_dw


    Love it! This movie is amazingly bad. Especially Gary Oldman who is clearly a full-sized man who often sitting inside a hollowed out couch with fake legs sitting in front of him.
  8. dave_dw

    Episode 11.5 — Minisode Twelve

    Clit & Russ Bush are twins who are never seen together so you can't tell which one it is when you're talking to one, so you have to constantly call both of them "Clit or Russ Bush."