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  1. robstraws

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    I can't believe no one bothered to mention her incredibly hairy, almost monkey-like, legs during the sex scene. I figured this would set off Jason.
  2. robstraws

    Earwolf @ SXSW

    Just now realizing I could've made it down there this year but completely forgot to check earlier.
  3. robstraws

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    I have 2 shirts and Hendersons and Daughters but after what I payed for framing I think this is what I need to show off.
  4. David Carradine in Crank 2 is an awesome asian.
  5. robstraws

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    I'll be Nicole Kidman, I'm awesome at not moving my face and screaming "ruuuuuuun just ruuuuuuunnn".
  6. robstraws

    Shameless :(

    I get the feeling the donation mentions didn't start until about september.
  7. robstraws

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    I was just thinking to myself over the weekend how I hadn't heard them on a podcast together. Damn mind readers.
  8. robstraws

    In the Name of the King or...

    Really any Uwe Boll movie works, he is a crap factory.
  9. robstraws

    New Moderator Introduction Post!!

    Welcome Shannon! Glad to have a real moderator on here now that the forums are so nice. I'm Rob. I go to school at Purdue University in Indiana (possibly the worst place on earth if you were unaware). Huge comedy fan, huge podcast fan. I am currently trying to get into the video production field, hopefully television. I'm also an aspiring standup but it's hard to find anywhere to go around here to do that. Glad to hear you'll be in the off topic section, it get's a little stagnant.
  10. robstraws

    Episode 39 — Free For All: NTK

    Me and my friends rag on each other for messing up words all the time just like Tig. It's a staple of our groups comedy.
  11. Love the new format. II am amazed I've somehow heard of birdemic and not trespass.
  12. The fact that it's so bad just makes me want to hear it more and more. I fear if we stop we might actually miss something mediocre.
  13. robstraws

    New Forum Format

    This is so nice, like a real forum!
  14. robstraws

    Episode 58 — Critter Sandusky

    I am glad I already know the high five secret or id be pulling my hair out.
  15. robstraws

    Episode 72 — That\'s So Selleck!

    I second Julia's plea to watch the league. I didn't bother watching it for so long because I just didn't care about football, especially fantasy. It is such an amazing show that nowadays, only has minor references to football it seems. It is an earwolf fans wet dream most episodes. More Tim Gunn please, make it work people.