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  1. https://soundcloud.c...mer-plugstables
  2. ryguyi87

    Episode 139 — Literary Death Match

    "Couldn't think top shelf thoughts" had me dying laughing on a bus in Korea.
  3. http://ryaninman.bandcamp.com/track/what-do-we-gotta-plug
  4. http://ryaninman.ban...pokermans-plugz I wanna be famous
  5. I never had my plugs song played! http://ryaninman.bandcamp.com/track/cbb-plugs-give-em-money
  6. http://ryaninman.bandcamp.com/track/cbb-plugs-give-em-money
  7. http://ryaninman.bandcamp.com/track/cbb-thyme-4-plugz
  8. ryguyi87

    So Much Pussy

    http://coitusnoises.bandcamp.com/track/so-much-pussy By the same group who brought you "Treasure Trove of Bitches", which caused quite a splash in episode 98. This one is better, though. AND THERE'S NO RAPPING!