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    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    Just wanna say that I think Dorkopotamis did a good job of defending Bernie. There were 5 people in that studio that seem to have already decided that he was wrong before the debate started, and he handled it very well. The main point of this whole thing is that Bernie shouldn't be endorsing Hillary until he drops out of the race, because he doesn't agree with her ideals. When he loses, he will tell people to vote for her, but that is him selecting the lesser of two evils. He doesn't support her, and he won't sacrifice his morals. She's not a good presidential candidate, and he disagree with her on far too many things to just outright endorse her. Hillary supporters are asking him to lie so that the DNC will win, and he's not going to do it. If people vote for Trump, that is not the fault of Bernie Sanders. He shouldn't have to put on a smile for Hillary so she can beat Trump. They're both bad choices. He's already agreed to drop out if she beats him. He won't be the third party. That's enough. "Don't forget, Bernie Sanders supporters signed up for a political revolution. Hillary is the antithesis of the revolution." -Jill Stein
  2. Let you help me. Luke, you are my father. I love being a high school boy, because girls keep getting older, and I stay the same age.
  3. He supports her because she's from Arkansas and his family knows the Clintons. If she was from any other state, Besser would be pro-Bernie. And yeah, if I was put on the spot to discuss my support for Bernie, I would be tongue-tied, too and I'm well aware of the issues. Just not good at articulating it. I thought the guy did alright. Hell, the audience at the show even clapped for him, but Besser shut them down by shitting on the guy. I'd like to hear Besser defend Hillary on her refusal to submit her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts. She avoids answering why she won't release them by changing the subject, even when the moderator repeats the question twice to try and get an honest answer. And then she claims that the candidates should be releasing their tax returns like she did for so many years, because she's just grasping at straws. Well, Bernie just did it, so now you guys are on equal footing. Oh, and Bernie and his wife's combined annual income is less than what Hilldawg makes from one speech to Goldman Sachs. Half an hour of talking to corrupt corporations, and she brings home more than a state Senator makes in a year. So quit acting like a child and release the transcripts.
  4. Grilled cheese go to bathroom.
  5. TheBlackSpank

    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    Brett doesn't get enough credit. Always fun when he gets to participate in I4H, Who Charted, and HH.
  6. Can't go to the bathroom. It's Star Wars in there.
  7. Loved this episode and the Milk Carton kids. I hope they come back with their instruments next time, but they were fun to have in studio anyway. I love how much Kenneth shits on Joey and his stupid jean shorts. Also, Mary is that much more adorable for crying over the dog memoirs song. I'm constantly surprised by how much new music I'm discovering by listening to an improv comedy podcast. I really just want to browse Besser's CD collection.
  8. TheBlackSpank

    EPISODE 39 - Freeport, Illinois

    I was thinking the same thing. The documentary sounds interesting. I watched the trailer during Ronna and Beverly's show. But Ravi comes off as a bit of a douchebag, IMO. He has kind of a Jay Mohr vibe. He thinks he's a lot more charming than he actually is.
  9. TheBlackSpank

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    I hadn't even thought about that. I know I voted for it, even though Scott's introduction to that episode makes me cry every time.
  10. This was really a treat to listen to. I could listen to Ian or Besser just talk about Improv forever. I find it fascinating. Ptolemy also seemed to have no clue what he was talking about. I imagine if Besser was running the talk, he would have crucified him. Ian was very polite to the naysayers.
  11. TheBlackSpank

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    I want to handcuff PFT and Lauren to each other so they are always forced to perform together. Could not ask for a better episode. I could not hold it together at work. My head was actually in pain from laughing.
  12. This was epic poetry. A daughter/wife and a man who can physically turn into his own wife. And who doesn't like a good orgy in front of Traci Reardon? I just love how much fun they had with this one. I'm pretty sure that throughout every single second of this episode, they basically have to take turns being someone laughing in the background because they can't contain themselves.
  13. TheBlackSpank

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    Hayes is so fucking charming when he's not in character. I guess we heard this on Reality Show Show as well, but he seems more comfortable on here as a guest. I hope Sean gets his own solo guest appearance on Whooch at some point. It's pretty fun to listen to them when they're being "normal", and they're still funny as fuck. Always prefer their Hollywood douchebag characters, but it's still refreshing to hear from the actual guys from time to time. Also, both Kulap and Howard would be great guests on HH. They seemed to take an immediate shine to Hayes, so maybe they'd be up for doing the show.
  14. TheBlackSpank

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    Earwolf seriously owes Besser and company some goddamn cupcakes. I mean, it's Star Wars, man!