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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    It has been my experience that you either really love Phish or you really hate Phish. I really love them, so I think that this is awesome and I can't wait for the next installment. Farmhouse is my favorite studio album, but I will agree that I typically only listen to live shows. For an awesome mix of traditional Phish plus a cover, can I suggest the Harpua/Killing in the Name of/Harpua from Alpharetta, GA July 4, 2010? It might just be special to me since I was there and the place went BANANAS during it.
  2. misscritta

    Summah Gum

    Orbit Fruit Punch.
  3. misscritta

    Episode 2 — Spring Into Spring

    This really makes my Monday mornings suck less.