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    Episode 13.5 - Minisode 14

    I'm no poet and I haven't seen the movie, but it does give me the urge to rhyme "schlock" with "big green cock."
  2. CHARTreuse

    Episode 11.5 — Minisode Twelve

    I just heard the news I made up that the cast of "How Did This Get Made?" will be starring in the sequel to "The Love Guru," called the "The Lecherous Lama." Their characters will be: Paul Scheer as: Pole Feeler or Paul Feeler, but the character is British and when he introduces himself to the lecherous lama, his thick British accent causes some witty repartee where the Lecherous Lama makes jokes because he thinks he says "Pole" instead of "Paul." Jason Mantzoukas as: Gayson Mansucksus and June Diane Raphael as: Poon Diaphram Rapeseel