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  1. It's long so just watch the good parts. EDIT* And just in case, this is a joke. I watched it on a dare.
  2. samhainous

    Episode 46 — The Widow Maker

    The most memorable character in Groundhog Day to me was Ned Ryerson. The scene when Bill Murray exclaims "Ned!" and savagely cold cocks poor annoying Ned had me crying with laughter. That is one of the funniest things in history. Also, Groundhog Day is in my top 5 movies of all time, and that is most likely because of Stephen Tobolowsky and to some degree Bill Murray.
  3. samhainous

    Splice (2009)

    May contain spoilers* I ended up not knowing who to root for. Sarah Polley's character was cold and without maternal instinct. She broke the law by splicing human genes just to get famous. She used her own DNA which showed how much of a narcissist she is, and as the thing grows up, she starts caring about it. But when the creature gets to be an adolescent, she mutilates it for acting out. The guy character on the other hand was a huge pussy. He allowed his girlfriend to basically ruin his and her careers by not putting a stop to it. He eventually has sex with the thing they created (which is really bizarre and sort of like bestiality). He must have been the man though because the full human chick STAYS WITH HIM. The character of Dren was the closest I came to liking anybody in the movie. I felt bad for it. It didn't ask to be created and was either treated as a pet, a daughter, a sex object, or it was getting cut up by somebody it should be able to trust. I probably would have changed sex as well if only out of spite. Let alone gaining the power of flight. I just thought this movie was all over the place and quite frankly I was deceived by the trailer. I thought I was getting a mindless "fun" sci fi type thriller. Where they make a human spliced chimera in a lab and it gets loose or something. This was some arduous nonsense and the ending was a real pisser. The way I see it, she was about to get away with everything, have no responsibilities, and be rich. Sarah Polley's character was the root of all the problems and in the end, she gets raped by something that is half her (would a clone be incest or monocest?), then she cuts a deal with the N.E.R.D.'s and gets paid. I don't mean to be overly critical but I get that way when I watch movies stoned.
  4. samhainous

    Splice (2009)

    Some fucked up bullshit.
  5. samhainous

    Maximum Overdrive

    It makes sense on cocaine.