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    Montreal Canadiens, cinnamon-flavoured cereals, "Airplane!"
  1. All the love for Tig from Canada and beyond.
  2. GreatCop

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    All kinds of amazing in this episode. Had a healthy grin the entire time, but the primary gutbusters: - Scott's "Wipeout" acapella - Hot Dog's "Dup-duh dup dup wahhhh" as he leapt to his death
  3. GreatCop

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    Huh, I guess I'm not the only guy in Toronto who owns this shirt. I'm cool with that!
  4. GreatCop

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    I woke up this morning and let out an audible "YES!" to myself when I saw who the guests were, and it didn't disappoint for a second. Top 3 episode of all time for me, I can't count how many times I embarrassed myself laughing on the walk to work......"Carl S'Junior Sandwiches" was the tipping point. How Adam Scott managed to not even giggle once (at least I couldn't hear him) through that entire show is downright miraculous. The deadest of pan.
  5. GreatCop

    Harris Wittels Needs His Own Podcast

    His greatness is just so.......great...... +100 for the weekly Phone/Foam Corner idea.
  6. GreatCop

    Episode 46 — The Widow Maker

    @ragnar: I logged in just to make the exact same comment (even the part saying Google didn't provide any clarification)