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    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    James I see what you're saying but the problem is that Andy Daly is a hero unit as far as character work stuff and can pull that off. Part of what makes these characters work is that they aren't entertaining enough for a whole episode, I think everyone listening would kill themselves after an hour of lumber yard related improv. I do miss would you rather though. But this was a pretty great episode I love how great everyone was at latching on to each other's bizarrely terrible improvs it was amazing. I also like how "so do you eat a dick every time someone has sex with your butt?" somehow implies that your butt is a seperate entity that's having sex apart from you.
  2. tannerhat

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Have you considered using Netflix reviews in addition to amazon one's. I'm in love with a number of them. There's actually a pretty sweet Leonard Maltin type game you can play. What is this movie? We thought this movie stunk--PU!!! It was vulgar and stupid. I was surprised Tom Cruise hasn't bought it all off the market by now so no one else sees it. I'd be embarrassed!! It is not a thought provoker--just stupid!! We shut off after 15 minutes. Magnolia! what about this one? There's 4 so you can get a good feel for what the public thinks. Tom Hanks is an Obama lover and supporter, they are ruining America with Obama's policies..... This movie is NOT suitable for young kids. We quit watching a few minutes into the show. A movie that had a few bright spots but was basically goofy and pointless. Hard to believe that this was considered academy award material ?? Lets see.......uncalled for f-bomb........... predicatable movie........what more can i say....... Big They're the best thing in the world and they're just out there and there's so many. It's like that guy that told me the second transformers movie was "EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE!!!" started his own version of rotten tomatoes. Also have you ever started on a movie and been disappointed that it's not amazingly bad enough or been surprised at the depth of madness in a movie. Like all the episodes have been pretty great but it seems like sometimes there's just magic like when Jason gets upset because nobody seemed to grasp what the hell was going on in suckerpunch or when Old Dogs actually exists.
  3. tannerhat

    I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

    crack addicts can only give birth to either precogs or stigmatic twins duh.
  4. tannerhat

    I tried. I can't do it.

    Yeah I feel like Howards nonsense questions are what makes it great. He seems to have this amazing ability to find the strangest choice for a question while still staying on topic. He's basically the last host you would want for a show about charts if you actually cared about charts.
  5. tannerhat

    i am number 4

    This was one of the trailers when I saw Season of the Witch. It looked pretty amazing.
  6. tannerhat

    Operation: Endgame (2010)

    This movie would be good because it's so bizarre. There's was seemingly no connection between the way this movie was cast, written, or directed. Watching it I had no idea what about the movie I was supposed to enjoy, generally when watching a bad movie you can think to yourself, "oh I see that's supposed to be funny but wasn't", with this I would find myself thinking "why did that happen what are they trying to do?" There's also the bizarre way it just gets suddenly political at the end. It is a truly strange movie and definitely makes you wonder how it got made.