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    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    Crank 3: Dirty Man TL;DR He has to irradiate his junk to stay alive until he can get the cure from the poisoner. Once again our hero find himself in a life or death situation that lasts for an entire day, after recovering fully from the last movies antics he has woke up once again to discover that he has been poisoned in his sleep, this particular poison was an irradiated version of estrogen that makes his body produce testosterone that will kill him if the levels are allowed to rise unimpeded, so in order to save himself he has to repeatedly ejaculate or irradiate his testacies to alleviate himself of the tainted ball juice. This could easily lead to him buying spent uranium from terrorist or violently attacking cancer penitents in a chemo session.
  2. Not only is the Legendary FOT Lisa Jane Persky in this film as the unforgettable Dirty D but it's nearly Mac & Me bad
  3. r0x0x

    Episode 10 — Mac & Me

    Mac's sister was kinda hot anyone else?
  4. r0x0x

    Episode 11.5 — Minisode Twelve

    This i think is one of the better bad movies because at no point doesn't it break from what seems like a hour and half mike Myers riff that wasn't air-worthy on snl. But i would contend that the best line in the whole movie is the vern troyer behind the scenes shot in the beginning of the credits