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    Episode 63 — P. F. Toddler

    New Who Charted + Paul F. Tompkins + Of Monsters and Man intro = My boy buttered pants
  2. Brendan M

    Episode 116 — When I Go To Queens...

    Hello my name is Brendan and I enjoy the musical styling of the Australian rock band Jet. Why is this important? Oh well it's actually very simple, ever since I started listening to Comedy Bang Bang I can know longer listen to Jet's popular hit single "Cold Hard Bitch" without hearing Scott Aukerman screaming in my head "TAKING A PLANE BREAK!". I try not to criticize podcasts since they are free entertainment so I just wanted to thank you Scott for ruining one of my favorite songs.
  3. Brendan M

    Episode 75 — June 8, 2011

    OOhh god it's been four days, the Eardrop withdraw is kicking in. First the shaking, then the chronic pain, and last but not least the control loss of my bowels. PLEASE I NEED MORE EARDROP!!