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    Popeye (1980)

    The 1980 adaptation of the 1930's cartoon about an ornery sailor. Here's a few wonderful facts about this film. Directed by the legendary Robert Altman and produced by the incomparable Robert Evans, who got into fistfights on the set Written by the satirical cartoonist Jules Feiffer Robin Williams at one of the peaks of his popularity The forearm prostethics The abandoned child Shelly Duvall in the role she was fucking born to play Ray Walston as his hate-filled father The singing Sweethaven, a mind-boggling amalagam of Kafka, 19th century aesthetics, and 70's set design Strange racial undertones amongst the supporting characters The fact that it was an allegory for Vanderbilt's control of steamboat transportation in New York, with Sweethaven standing in for Staten Island. Animatronic octopus Backflips BACKFLIPS This trailer captures the madness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zruD3vzHxu0
  2. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 283 β€” The 5th Anniversary Show!

    Did the math, and it's pretty likely that Scott has generated that many laughs. 5,000,000 divided by 285 episodes equals 17,543 laughs. So at least 17,543 people would have had to download each episode and laugh at least once during each episode to get to five million laughs. It's probably closer to 50 or 100 million laughs.
  3. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 7 β€” A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    Maybe this could be a nice compromise for Scott: https://soundcloud.com/itsoverture/bouncing-around-the-room-its-overture-edit
  4. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 98 β€” A Wordy MΓ©nage

    Chance that Chris Brown goes down on Rihanna? 0.0000%
  5. kingsley_zissou

    Holiday Special with PFT

    I think the whole trio got worried about how "off-the-rails" the show got, but they went so far off the rails, they got onto a new set of rails that were equally awesome. Wonderful cap to the end of the year, and a great way to support the show. Missed opportunity, though, talking about Gucci Mane and not discussing the tattoo on his FACE of an ICE CREAM CONE SURROUNDED BY LIGHTNING BOLTS. [attachment=12179,322]
  6. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 53 β€” Ace of Baritone

    That Out Cold story almost made me weep with happiness. It sounded like a beautiful dream. Also, continue with the quizzes! Yes! Santa Monica Boulevard, Mister Brody Stevens! Positivity!
  7. kingsley_zissou

    Winter Quiz!

    Let's play Howie's winter quiz at home! List 5 movies set in a winter climate. Which one do you think no one else will list? Which one will other people list? Try not to look at other people's posts before you reply. Other lists: It's A Wonderful Life Scrooged The Santa Clause All the Beautiful Girls No one else's list: Hanna
  8. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 5 β€” Analyze Phish Episode 3

  9. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 5 β€” Analyze Phish Episode 3

    This ep was astounding. "Hairy Hood" was actually listenable, and I think Harris is finally matching up the right excerpts with Scott's musical sensibilities. Adam Scott and Cowboy Mouth stories eased the tension, making it easier to get through Scott's recalcitrance and Harris' reluctant defense of Phish. I cannot wait to listen to the NYC show.
  10. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 131 β€” Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    Jason Mantzoukas plays angry like very few comedians can. I honestly get a little scared while laughing at him. Also, Scott, thank you so much for the Spaceballs theme. I watched that movie twenty times as a kid, and from the opening chords, I knew it immediately, and it made me very happy.
  11. kingsley_zissou

    Favorite character catchphrases

    Johnny, the fact that you were able to perfectly transcribe that onomatopoeia really made me happy. Personally, while I love PFT's repetition of his name, I love "I'm in my transtche" even more.
  12. kingsley_zissou

    What Am I Thinking?

    I have to vigorously vote in favor of WAIT. Combine frivolous frustration, Scott's insistence, and very confused comedians, and you get one hell of a game.
  13. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 67 β€” Hard High Five

    No shame in that! Legal zoom! On the real tip, Sklars, you must write that posse book. Coffee tables across the country await your knowledge (especially those of the wandering, locked-out NBA players). Of course, Maria was amazing.
  14. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 65 β€” Gumballs to the Wall

    Nash crushed it in this episode. His vision of Gumbel as a psychotic sadist is hilarious, and I look forward to hearing more of it.
  15. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 128 β€” Coach? Coach? Coach?

    Scott tends to take "yes and..." to an uncomfortable extent, which creates great comedy. But even he was hesitant about another rap battle ("really?"); his improv instinct forced him to play along. Unless it's someone who actually raps (Gelman, Daly, Kremer, etc.), let's put a temporary moratorium on rap battles.
  16. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 63 β€” The Sklar Triplets

    Julia's succinct explanation aside, Besser's system of on-field punishment is pitch-perfect. Of course, I also think the league should install those force-impact pads into everyone's jersey, so I don't want them killed on national television.
  17. kingsley_zissou

    What do you think Howard does for a living?

    Barry, writing for two cable television shows, selling ringtones, and touring standup is more than enough to live on. What do you think writers are paid in Hollywood? I'm sure Howard isn't rolling on twenties, but a WAG standard salary is usually a living wage, and I doubt he has many extravagant expenses. Also, I resent the phrase "tries to be a funny person."
  18. kingsley_zissou

    Drug Tips for Scott

    John's cynicism aside, for anyone trying drugs at Scott's age, it's about how much you take. Of course, if you trust your dealer, a single hit of X can be simple and engaging. Acid can be a bit intimidating, but a single hit doesn't cause any significant hallucinations, just potentially good feelings. Same with mushrooms. To be safe, though, I would just have Scott eat a considerably potent pot cookie. A high dose of THC can be just as powerful as a low dose of more traditional hallucinogens. Now, I'm not a Phish fan, but as soon as I heard Scott's willingness to see them out live while high, I said to myself, "That sounds fun."
  19. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 61 β€” A Tale of Two Griffins

    I second Mick's curiosity about the Hamm thing. I googled, but only found a blocked video about her "torturing Jon Hamm." Anyone know the details? Like many people, I didn't understand Kathy at first. What really turned me around was her appearance in the Joan Rivers documentary, when Joan anointed/envied Kathy as her replacement. It all clicked; we need a sharp, abrasive, honest female voice in comedy, and Kathy is one of the strongest ones right now. But like Joan, she also seems like a sweetheart in a personal setting, so I loved getting to see that on the podcast. Keep bringing on the ladies. On that note, bring in some more people of color, too. Baron, Aisha, and Kumail are a good start, but I think more black comedians would bring a great perspective to the Sklars' look at the sports world.
  20. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 42 β€” 12.5 Cups of Summah

    Yeah, Todd could do the vocals on any dubstep track. I absolutely loved the "Chart Pinata" intro song. Howard, turn up the vocals a little bit and release it as a ring tone!
  21. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 57 β€” The Land of Osbaldistan

    I'm afraid Sklarbro Country won't last forever.
  22. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 38 β€” The Return of Suit McGoo

    Paul rarely drops the F bomb, but apparently "Scared Straight" really caught his attention. Also, "Shyamalian fakeout" is now part of the American lexicon. Start using it. But everyone's delight is correct. Both Howie and Paul use stream-of-consciousness; the difference is that you delight at Paul's driven wrapup of his topics, while you delight at Howie's comfortable surrender ("By now, you've realized that this topic is going nowhere.").
  23. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 119 β€” Andi Callahan, RN

    Everyone's right about Andy Daly; and even though all the characters have a similar bent (fairly mundane or lighthearted job with a horrific dark side), he still makes each new one fresh. My favorite thing about Callahan is how he would mutter over things: "I only take Valium, and sometimes Percocet... and other things. But you know, I don't do drugs." Also, for everyone's edification, a harp has 46 or 47 strings.
  24. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 16 β€” The Smurfs

    I know logistics can make it difficult for folks to block out more than an hour, but I've gotten the feeling that the show is getting rushed. If it isn't clear, listeners would love an hour and a half, or at least an hour of the gang talking about the movie. Especially with podcast veterans like PFT, who are skilled at the long form. Otherwise, great episode; the Smurfs sounds like an awful deconstruction of modern ennui.
  25. kingsley_zissou

    Episode 51 β€” This Is How We Do It

    Absolutely loved it. Showing how the sausage is made can be a little risky, but with someone as skilled and articulate as Chris, it's like watching gold being turned into sausages. Comedy history, linguistic physiology, this episode has it all. I also loved that you played covers during the show about a guy who does celebrity voice covers. Very apt.