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  1. You asked for it...be careful what you wish for. "The Queen of Marina Del Rey" http://www.jamesharrelldesign.com/Songs/TheQueenOfMarinaDelRey.mp3 Jim Harrell (aka "Kettletrigger") Soundcloud is: https://soundcloud.com/kettletrigger (though they won't let me upload any more songs)
  2. Kettletrigger

    New old plugs theme

    You know, you guys say you need Plugs themes and this one never got played! On second thought...maybe there's a reason for that. Hmmm. Jim Harrell in Orange County
  3. Kettletrigger

    Just a thought about PFT...

    I was just wondering... Has Paul F. Tompkins not been on the show in awhile because of his second job appraising old movie posters on Antiques Roadshow?
  4. Since Scott complained about my last one being too long (and also mentioning the plugs that he puts in his ass), hopefully this one will go over better. Jim Harrell Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.co...ng-plugstheme-2
  5. It's kind of specific to a geographical area, but I imagine the type exists everywhere: Jim Harrell
  6. Yee...Haw. Love the show... new plugs song download here: Jim Harrell