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  1. Wow nothing to add but admiration! This has been incredible, warm body smiles and laughs throughout. Like actual joy from this. Also can hardly get over the length of the shows and the good stuff they contain... them's some dense dense comedy goods. ARE THESE COMPLETELY CBB CANON?? I miss Tony
  2. GoofusOmega

    Episode 263 β€” Hollywild

    *Misinformed Scott* is always one of my favourite things to come out of a Benny Schwazzz episode. Steady 25 minutes of a chuckle-groan combo.
  3. GoofusOmega

    Episode 255 β€” A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    This was so fun to listen to. Mookie was so good in a way that's like, it's relaxing to listen to....... Lauren Lapkus and Horatio Sanz make me feel the same way. It's not the blind joy that comes from an Andy Daly or Jessica St Clair Lennon Parham joint, but equal just the same. It's like, chill joy. OK ANYWAY, what I'm trying to say is this episode was a pleasure (so excited to hear how Rob Delaney weigh as well, always a highlight segment).
  4. GoofusOmega

    Episode 254 β€” LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    I was sad to see Scott irritated and cringed for the technical crew present, but technical issues aside Andy Daly is Andy Daly is Andy Daly. "Sorry my hands are so wet" kept me laughing the entire run of the broadcast, so anything that came after was b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s indeed. And I second the notebook doodling.
  5. GoofusOmega

    Episode 129 β€” Scientists

    Yeah this was great. Makes me so happy to hear openings like this!
  6. GoofusOmega

    Episode 75 β€” Daredevil

    I'm full of hope that Ed will be back, really a perfect fit with the show. Nothing much to add, just wanted to voice how happy this episode made me!
  7. GoofusOmega

    Episode 1 β€” Jake Johnson, Our Close Friend

    This was so good. Just like a constant chuckle on my end.
  8. GoofusOmega

    Episode 247 β€” Half A Score

    I could listen to Horatio dig holes all day for real. It's nuts that Tim Meadows hasn't been on CBB, maybe it's from I4H he seems like such an earwolf regular, anyhoo, so good obvs! Would've loved to see this one on the VPN.
  9. GoofusOmega

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    Heightened sense of smell anxietyyyyyyyyyy-I can relate.
  10. GoofusOmega

    Episode 240 β€” #TheWorldsEnd

    I was so happy listening to this. I REALLY CANNOT- wait to see the movie.
  11. Going on my second listen as I fall asleep... feeling the need to bow a little to Melissa Rauch. That is a very scary group to get in the middle of (best way, of course) my god. She was a great Danielle.
  12. Tears- TEARS THIS MORNING when I read who was on. And then more when I saw that Jessica was pregnant and that her and Lennon's kids will surely be best friends and what is better than thaaaaat?? I think I'm going through something and need raw meat.
  13. GoofusOmega

    Episode 237 β€” Filipino Blockbuster

    I've had that damn Duets song in my head the past two days. Having said that, more Eugene Cordero please!
  14. GoofusOmega

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    Armen wore a blaaaaazer- SCOTT! Going on my third listen in almost as many days. I think I'll be re-listening to this one like I do the Womptacular or Finger Guns.. Like, often.
  15. GoofusOmega

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    Laughed a lot. Said "OH my Godddddd" a lot. Scott being so short with Armen, and Kulap's kind kind heart were both highlights. As was everything Armen said/did obvs. Will use audio error as excuse to re-listen. (karf)