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  1. doughboys is a good podcast because Nick Wiger is the only comedian working today with sincere opinions about the Nintendo 64 game Banjo-Kazooie
  2. ????? games, plural? I just know the one
  3. I was playing video game while listening to this (I'm such a nerd, lol!) and wanted to commemorate the beach day with a bad image hope you liked my bad image
  4. Air Buddy Rich. now we can put this to bed if I'm not too late, Mr. McLeod, what is your favorite room to sleep in, that isn't a bedroom?
  5. Cody has fucking unbelievable comic timing on those error noises. oh man they're so good
  6. Street Nachos by virtue of their name should ideally be plated on the damn asphalt. but a platter is the second best option
  7. Let's just put it this way -- I was not featured in the classic videogame Crazy Taxi.
  8. Y'know, I got a tattoo once -- "getting ink done", as they say. I asked for the number 13, but instead, they drew a 31. My friends all said I'm trying too hard, and that I'm not quite hip. Which is mean, but accurate, given this post.
  9. "Do it to their face, if you're gonna do it." "Well, that's sorta what I'm describing." great episode, in my humble opinion. congrats lads
  10. this episode is fucking great.
  11. Hi Mr. Thorn, What's the best cocktail to make in order to impress a (male) high-powered executive? Is it easier than just seducing him the old-fashioned way? Thanks.
  12. alls I know is, as a wee tyke I'd go to Blake's (when it was still in the Mall of New Hampshire) and ask for rainbow jimmies or chocolate jimmies and was never once corrected by the good folk who worked there, because they are not treacherous villains who tread on children's dreams dreams of a world in harmony dreams where you say jimmie for both kinds of sprinkle and not just one is that so wrong
  13. hood I'm so disappointed in you "sprinkles"? ""sprinkles"""?????? FUCK that, hood. you KNOW you fucked it on this one edit: which is to say, it should be jimmies, in new england. this is one of the things everyone is programmed to do once they live here, is say jimmies instead of sprinkles
  14. a lot of gargling now who's the dunham great epis'
  15. Hello Mr. Rust, What's the closest you've ever been to outer space? (Airplane rides do NOT count, but mountains and really big motorcycle jumps do.) I will not apologize for asking bad questions. Never, ever, ever. This is who I am.
  16. this episode was so funny it made my head hurt I've also been recovering from a fever but that's unrelated probably good stuff
  17. mwn

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    Is there a way to download stuff from howl.fm, as opposed to playing in-browser? I'm a stupid fuckup loser with a non-apple phone and an ancient iPod Classic and I'd love to have access to just the straight mp3s or whatever so I can take this delicious content on "the go."
  18. I don't need a girl, don't need a friend, 'cause my friend Lonesome's unconditional. We're flying forever bored. edit: how do you delete posts
  19. I just relistened to eve 6's self titled debut album at work yesterday. it's pretty good in some spots and pretty bad in others. oh, and loving this podcast stuff. laaughs
  20. also this is one of my favorite PCGQs ever
  21. I went disc golfing for the first time today and it was fun enough but some of the people there are real fucking weiners. This isn't a question for Tom and it's way too late anyway but I still want them to read this on the show.