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  1. I like your username and avatar a lot. I only wish, perhaps unfairly, that you had also included a pic of your D or something. I'm almost used to being disappointed now, though. Don't worry about me.
  2. hmmm parts of this are mean I for one am not very concerned about my likes
  3. "LEGIBLY, PLEASE!" must be in the next season intro
  4. popcorn, soup, baked potata, ice
  5. it's a dog eat dog world.... and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear!!!!!
  6. oh every part of this wqas great too not just brett. krod mandoon, ay chihuahua, pussyyyyyyyyy, dumpster equity, it's a real movie, the whole thing
  7. Yeah I hate to pay Brett a compliment two weeks in a row but he really brought it, again
  8. I don't know if I'm supposed to reveal this, but an Amy Sedaris avatar gives you unilateral permission to post anywhere for any reason
  9. "You don't know this about me, but I actually do own a drone..." The reaction to Eliot saying this was so good
  10. I had the hugest crush on Larisa Oleynick growing up. I'm glad to hear your nards are all good these days Jakal. I am not going to separate these thoughts nor elaborate on them any further
  11. Hmmm. Well actually you can keep your rude negativity to yourself. It's really really easy. Unless someone is holding a gun to your head, you don't need to click that ol' Post button! And if someone has a gun to your head, try to surf to www.police.com instead of here! Hope this helps! edit: did not mean to pile on, let's get back on topic. Is there a reason Paul doesn't reveal who asked the question from the previous episode? I know we can figure it out chronologically for the most part, but it seems a little weird to deliberately obscure that aspect.
  12. aww the end of this episode (not the ad) makes me want to give a big hug to erin AND sean. maybe at the same time, if possible. my arms are pretty long but not really long
  13. the return of the jingling keys as sound effect made me laugh like a fucking insane person. great work brett
  14. A Bear? More like A Tear, that rolled down my cheeks, listening to that wonderful tune. What's that? Bear doesn't rhyme with Tear (the cry liquid, not the perforation)? Well, Fuck you.
  15. It should also be mentioned, the vibe was immediate.
  16. mwn

    Hayes sighting?

    I do not see or hear Hayes here. but I am always glad to watch a commercial for no reason
  17. I am listening to the hangout now and I appreciate being shouted out early on. I do not appreciate being told to go F off though!!! I will try real hard to make the next one
  18. Just shout his name like they do in Cheers whenever you read it. It's very fun to do and I'm very sure Norm has not heard it for basically his entire life hmmm
  19. I don't think I know this version of the Duran Duran song
  20. hoiw in the world can you make those wings and then eat a salad. I just looked at a picture and I already want to never have a salad again. it's like building a beautiful cottage in a mediterranean villa and then living inside of a big pile of gravel I guess that's what the whiskey's for tho. cheers
  21. it's a fuckin shame these pussy eating tips were too late to make it into the best of episode. could've really helped some people out
  22. god damn this episode shouldve been 16 Recorder, can't get enough of it
  23. mwn

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    So glad to hear the return of Stellar Skateboard.
  24. hey gang I kayaked around a lake today (with like five summer camps on it) and got sunburnt to shit. I am now enjoying a gin and Polar Seltzer "orange dry" mixer to take my mind off of my terrifying lobster arms. it is an honor to be unceremoniously dispatched in a VB work. I hope everyone has fun at the hangout and tells good jokes. ok, goodnight