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  1. my cover AND original song is a reimagining of Ween - Don't Laugh (I Love You) except it's pro laughing and it appends "(And I'm In Love With You)". that's a joke from the podcast shirt
  2. I like to think of the whole world as my instrument. I am heavily influenced by the soundtrack to Hudson Hawk. Later
  3. please make Brett blind write a really ambitious backing track with a random tempo for every episode
  4. This was so good. Also it was Time of the Season by The Zombies that they were trying to think of while I was eating lunch away from a computer. Just to get it on record in the big ol Earwolf Forums
  5. That John Goodman quote about the Miata (or whatever) is phenomenal.
  6. Corker. Corker. Absolute corker.
  7. Please do not sign your posts!!!!!!!!
  8. mwn

    Now Hear This live episode

    "Who does he think he is, Louis CK?" Great episode all around, but worth it for that alone!
  9. This show is so fucking funny. I was such a Fool for not listening to all of this earlier on Howl dot fm and/or Stitcher Premium dot com
  10. anyone else feel inspired by this episode to be wholly subservient to hayes, and bend to his every whim, and be totally OK with being called a "toady" and "lickspittle" and stuff?? Wow
  11. hmm... I remember it. hope this helps
  12. Dear panel: is Kevin there? Please say hi to him for me. I worry about him so much. Love, mwn
  13. Dear panel of guests, What's the best content on "Stitcher Premium"? Thank you, A big fan
  14. mm, yes, semiotics. I read that word online a while ago and I don't know anything about it but I assume everyone stopped reading this post as soon as they got to it
  15. do you guys think the boys haven't talked to the forums in so long because we haven't been telling them to suck our damn Ds enough. I hope it's not too late
  16. As well as instant "OKAY!"s. So good
  17. Perhaps the funniest thing the boys ever did... was making us think we were learning how to say goodbye but actually we don't have to yet and maybe we can learn some other good things instead...
  18. Perhaps the funniest thing the boys ever did... was teach us how to say goodbye....
  19. there is so much masculine love in Beans's eyes in the show photo
  20. mwn

    Episode 194 - The I Was There Me Too Show

    I consistently chuckled, guffawed, and really yukked it up throughout this whole funny episode! ★★★★★
  21. mwn

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    clutch Klobb reference by Baltz
  22. so am I just supposed to keep these shoulder pads on for the rest of my life now
  23. mwn

    Episode 491 - Goo It

    For real though, "Rory Scovel Tries Standup for the First Time" is the GOAT name for a special.