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  1. Oh heck! Aw dang! Everybody get the FUCK in here!
  2. same except I truly hope I am never cursed to post in a podcast forum ever again
  3. bathroom guy or server dan, I already forget who, whoever said "uh huhhhh..." as sean the one time, it was really good. thanks
  4. mwn

    Episode 487 - Genie Awareness

    haven't had a chance to listen yet but genuinely lolled just at the name "Carl Smart"
  5. I'm not done with the podcast yet but Zeke has referenced Blink 182 in response to "work sucks" 2x and has NOT gotten anything for it and my heart is breaking for him. I hope Sean say work sucks a third time in the next 25 minutes so I can get my dang rocks off,. Also it's so good to see all these friendly faces in the forums... SO FAR....
  6. Kevin, bud, I hope you don't come to regret ceding the horny character mantle to Andy, because I know you THINK you have something better, but I think a lot of us have been there and, well... good luck finding something that's better to be than da horny man.
  7. mwn


    "This week, eat your Wheaties with Pete & Peteys on the Nickelodeon show Type 84 Diabetes." "Folks... it's just... happening."
  8. at some point I need to stop saying episodes are all-timers because there are so many all-timers now, but this episode is an all-timer
  9. mwn

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    when are they gonna tell us about last week's prank
  10. mmm but wouldn't the best joke of all be if the show really did end now that you said this
  11. mwn


    khaki doubleflute
  12. like Kevin I'm 'edging.... my bets that the show doesn't end because I like it so much!
  13. This version of S-Town is pretty different from what people were talking about
  14. it's funny that the boys asked Alison about gamers when actually, Alison Rich is the gamest. wotta ep
  15. mwn

    (other) Comedy Podcasts?

    here is a selection of podcasts I endorse that are not on the earwolf network, in descending order of how long the title is when rendered in the earwolf.com forums edit box (14pt Arial) and that's literally the only order applied to this list (although it's appropriate that Gelmania is at the end because it's long dead and kinda hard to find these days): My Brother, My Brother and Me (also The Adventure Zone) Podcasts Are Wonderful Chapo Trap House Uhh Yeah Dude Doughboys The Dollop Superego Gelmania
  16. the chart theme song and all the music cues made me laugh so big. great ep./ sorry for posting
  17. I think I've got the same sickness that Stephanie did because toys have been coming out of me all day
  18. do you guys think Dog the bounty hunter is friends with Barn the repo man. it just makes sense to me
  19. this was a very very good ep of the podcast. I liked when they talked about movies
  20. I tried to draw a stirring tribute to Hayes and C.A.M.'s poor cat using the hip new cat drawing tool but it just came out all wrong and I'm so ashamed
  21. "When did this turn into 'Beautiful World'?" That is the sickest game I have ever heard, holy shit
  22. this is the second podcast I've listened to today1 that had a bit about eating your dad and I'm starting to wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something also I think mitch should have the new england patriot Jerod Mayo on his podcast. because he has a food name great ep, great thread. "stay frosty" β„’ everyone 1 MBMBaM was the other one, sorry about listening to it first
  23. mwn

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    I believe old kids are just called "adults"
  24. "Have you seen The Big Short?" "You mean Marty? Is that what you call Marty?" whatta good joke. now, I am going to take a vow of silence until the next week of episode