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  1. mwn

    Episode 141 — Ladies Night

    I actually laughed out loud at the bad bong ideas in Bong Song. That might be a first for Jukebox Jury! Tig is great as always.
  2. mwn

    Episode 59 — A Real Asssscat!

    Besser has good taste! John Darnielle (@mountain_goats) is a really funny guy and should prob'ly be on more podcasts! Just saying~
  3. mwn

    Episode 56 - Finish On Your Face

    69 Love Songs is great for what it is, but it's definitely not for everyone. I'll forgive Nick... THIS TIME. Still listening, but fun episode so far! Just had to come and yell in an internet comments section because that's what internet people do. UPDATE: "fill it like a moat" ahahahah
  4. I am FUCKING DYING at the freestyle rap battle.
  5. mwn

    Episode 73 — Ol\' Cookiebeard

    Screeching Weasel! I haven't thought of them since high school. I bet the bros would like "Hey Suburbia" as segue music... Also, Kyle Kinane is and continues to be fantastic in all facets.
  6. A beauty-ful episode for sure.
  7. mwn

    Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary!

    Some real pipes on Howard there in Beachcombah! I was all "golly!" Here's to many more!
  8. mwn

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    To be fair, the selected clip for Florence and the Machine didn't really provide a great indication of their general style. You might even say it didn't behoovre their oeuvre. ...I'll show myself out.
  9. mwn

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    Fucking hysterical. I love Kyle Kinane.
  10. mwn

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    Amazing episode. Some of the best repartee since the Rob Huebel or Andy Richter eps.
  11. mwn

    Episode 47 — Hey Redundancy

    @dean coley: An easy mnemonic for pronouncing Laotian is to think of it as the answer to the question "What do you do if Billy Ocean wants to sleep with you?"
  12. Jon's "have you ever flied LaughDanza Airlines?" was absolutely gorgeous and didn't get the reaction I felt it deserved. Please go back in time and correct this, Mr. Gary.
  13. This is a really underrated episode. PFT is always great, Kaitlin is funny and provides some wonderful rapport with Paul, and the Superego guys KILLED IT.
  14. mwn

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    This episode is absolutely fucking magical. Every bit of it.
  15. mwn

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    This episode is absolutely fucking magical. Every bit of it.
  16. mwn

    Episode 6 — You Give Me Fever

    Going through the Who Charted? back catalogue and just want to say that, as a New Hampshire native, I loved the restaurant rundown. Sarah knows what's up with the Red Arrow. Yup.
  17. mwn

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    Adomian steals the show yet again. Man oh man.