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  1. hello all. never count out touchdown tom. I love you. that is all
  2. it rules a lot that two of the best podcasts, HH and UYD, debuted shirts featuring dead rodents within the same week
  3. chris bannon is funny right out of the gate. this sucks, you can't be the boss and also be good natured. I want to hate the boss!! but I can't!!
  4. Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory is 100,000% the best possible song name to drop for soothing monsters all-timer ep
  5. mwn

    Scoop Troop Top Tips - 2016, Volume 1

    These are good clips and I'm so proud of our special boys greggy and chanson. rebecca is an honorary special boy for this as well
  6. I'm all messed up and thrilled with pleasure that Sean got to say bye in this episode. A rare treat
  7. mwn

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    I wish there had been a b-b-b-bonus clip of Maxwell Keeper destroying in Boston, that live ep really deserved more consideration by the voters. Curse you, the voters.
  8. mwn

    Best of 2016 Pt. 2

    I forgot how good Gillian's jingle for Dick Hut was
  9. thats supposed to be doinkster like the episode btw, not "do-INXS-ter" I am not saying dixon does choke play
  11. mwn

    Sphere (1998)

    I read the book for this when I was a teenager and LOVED the first two thirds, particularly the sequence where they first gradually decode the messages from the sphere. I sincerely couldn't put it down, to a degree that I haven't really experienced since. The movie... is fucking boring.
  12. mwn

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    "Hey, there's a whole big world out there! I got to drive a Sebring for the first time, and I was like, 'what other cars don't have tops?'" John Lennon accidentally slipping into Chicagoese was a great cap to that low-key-wonderful rant by Gary
  13. That necklace looks like it would hurt. No thanks, if anyone ever asks me to wear it.
  14. I miss a lot of things, like my sense of self, or my copy of Quackshot for the Sega Genesis. You played as Donald Duck and explored the world and shot things with a gun that shot plungers and popcorn and bubbles. You could eat a lot of chili peppers and Donald would get very mad and invincible. At the end you fought Pete in his island fortress and it was very scary and I don't think I ever beat it. Anyway, I probably miss that the most
  15. harry potter and the legend of a piece of paper
  16. the sexual tension between Kevin and everyone else in this ep is just unbearable
  17. !!! Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther is one of 6 albums I've loved enough to buy on vinyl even though my record player 100% sucks. That album is true-blue phenomenal. So glad to hear it namechecked! ♪ me 'n occupanther courtin' babette down at seaweed banks ♫
  18. As a wise man once said: I'm into this.
  19. mwn

    Episode 161 - Ryan Stanger, Our Close Friend

    This guy is very funny even though I honestly can't say I'm interested in his new podcast about the boston stanger if they make this joke in the podcast i'm sorry
  20. This is going to be a good'un!
  21. mwn

    Favorite Handbook ads

    The notes from Nicey Nobeard @ Harrys that were written bad and used weird phrasing. big thanks to whoever typed up the copy for one on the ol' wiki "Harry razor company does it being nice, yes the good company. Hairy face bad don't like it, Harry razor yes like the razor, put it on the face and no hair, Harry razor make no beard. Daddy's holiday celebration, that's fathers day, special box, daddy's shave box, box for you daddy, harrys.corn... um, nice shaving, face enjoyment, loving the experience, yummy razor eat it"
  22. this election IS a dumpster fire and we DO have to let the fire keep going and it DOES smell bad and the fire IS our boss now and we DO have to listen to what it says
  23. mwn

    Episode 456 - The Historic Rap

    Shuttin' it down from coast to coast, to make you smile...