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  1. david ross hit a baseball run for the cubs last night cody ross hit a baseball run for the giants 6 years ago david cody is a dweeb online ross ross is purely theoretical like quantums or bigfoot I'm still kind of hungover, please don't be mean to me about this post
  2. the Extreme Eat Drink made me very very anxious. the boys are hard af
  3. big big "wow" from me @ the James Pond ref from Sean. gonna keep my ears peeled next week for a shoutout to Turrican Hayes was like a tiger shark during the moneyball discuss... very magnanimous of him to not bring the hammer down, with the stuff he learned at a school in the boston area this is good show and thanks for it
  4. Third Eye Blind's debut album was the first CD I ever bought with my own allowance money and I listened to it over and over that summer while playing Microsoft Golf 97 or whatever. So I appreciated Sean knowing a LOT of the words to "How's It Gonna Be"
  5. I went nuts for this episode
  6. Dear Jen, The British Veterinary Association recently said that pugs are so intensely malformed and prone to disease that it's basically cruelty to buy them or breed them and they shouldn't exist anymore. How can I better enjoy comedy now that I know this? Thank you, mwn
  7. I'm going to go to bed and will listen to this tomorrow morning at work. Everyone please stay safe, and respect your bodies.
  8. my team name is The New Hampshire Diarrhea Idiots and my team representative is my latest draft pick, the Talking Goat from the 9 minute skit on Adam Sandler's 2nd album "What The Hell Happened To Me?" that I stole the cassette of when I was 11
  9. Sean Football Clements (SFC)
  10. This episode is better than Buddy Hackett in an episode of Gashfille. Gourley is on fucking fire here.
  11. I never realized how similar Tig is to Adam Scott in terms of cadence, dry silliness, etc. Some small run they had early on in the ep gave me a little UTU2TM pang (this is a good thing)
  12. Let the record show I have fastidiously liked every non-copy/paste post at the end here that shows true commitment to the bit. God blaze it, JeffreyParties, you're a loose cannon... but you get results.
  13. positive vibes: I just listened to last weeks Podcasts are Wonderful and I laughed out loud at pretty much everything Jeffrey Dahmer said, which is weird because a good chunk of that was actual facts about his life and not even jokes
  14. maybe if we ask we can get a jeffreyparties forum for all counting related bits. I can't be the only one who gets a huge big thrill from seeing 87, 118, 49, and other classic numbers, instead of anyone else's posts post edited for being mean, sorry all
  15. attack of the bit that no one likes but must be seen through to completion for some reason
  16. this was a very good episode and it really enriched my lived experience, which had previously been affected by a 60-part bit that I cannot even pretend to like
  17. mwn

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    "I have many projects that I'm putting off until I'm in the orb." Characters matter-of-factly buying into a just-established premise will never not delight me
  18. god yes Polar Seltzer is so good
  19. to be honest I did forget that and also basically all of the things previously said by person the god's honest truth is that naked vulnerability/self-loathing on the internet is basically impossible to respond to (but souprman has beaten the odds!). the WWW is good for a lot of things but sorting these kinds of issues out is definitely not one of them, and I bet more people here than just me have the embarrassing AIM logs, tweets, etc. to prove it~ please make some theraputic inquiries on your behalf IRL and also give your doggie a big hug for me peace, ringo 2: the cgi lizard
  20. The discussion of Sean vs. Michael Ian Black was revelatory. I might never be able to fully untangle them in my head now
  21. I would like to draft A 15-1 Regular Season Record please. it'll be hard not to make the postseason with that
  22. great episode, lots of laughs and drama and people talking at the same time, just the thing I love very much, along with Gadget the rescue ranger