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  1. I figured I would get blown out in this matchup so to only be down by 3 at halftime... well, I'm just happy to be here no matter what happens.
  2. mwn

    Best Teaser Freezer

    i got seven words for ya: books don't exist walm mart the equalizer
  3. In preparation for a potential matchup against lizzy's team, I would like to draft Another Nice Cold Beer. In case of a matchup with steveh, I am going to also pick up New England Patriots owner Robert Draft
  4. Here's my report card for this episode: Hayes: normal volume. A+ Julie: very loud. A+ Sean: pretty quiet. A+ engineer: $40
  5. I just realized I definitely subconsciously ripped off the Achewood oregon trail comics so I want to apologize to everyone. new show tomorrow will hopefully erase all of my mistakes
  6. The Bartender smiles warmly and slides a glass in your direction. "This one's on the house," she says with a practiced nonchalance, though it seems she wants to say more. She idly fumbles at the drawstrings on her apron before breaking eye contact. You notice she is not wearing a ring. >
  7. mwn

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    There might be nothing funnier on earth than Scott riling Todd up. Todd going off around 24 minutes in is fucking phenomenal.
  8. I'm going to draft A Nice Cold Beer Thanks
  10. This was like a "Classic mode" episode of Hollywood Handbook. They even said hamburger sandwioch and speak on that. I actually freaked out a little bit and I don't want to talk about it
  11. this episode was very stupid so I, as a very stupid person, love it "I'm starting to need to leave soon" is a great way to break up a side convo, no wonder Michael is such a fuckin' king
  12. (feat. Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Lauren Lapkus, and Thomas Middleditch) Hello, I'm actually only halfway through this episode but Gino talking about his legless aunt made me laugh so hard I almost threw up. stone cold truth. So I wanted to post a thread about it!!
  13. I will go to bat for as the best of the lo-fi era but all the suggestions in here are good.also I was going to say that the utu2tm tmg podcast should be "hast thou considered the tetrapodcast" but I googled and someone on reddit already thought of it, so nevermind don't consider it
  14. mwn

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    I sincerely adore it whenever people talk over each other, and Sean & Eliza passive-aggressively talking past each other about the hat at 1:10:45 made me really happy
  15. I know we like to joke around here but I actually stumbled across a little tune that really sums up my complicated feelings about the last page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnQ8N1KacJc
  16. Matt and Mark need to make a podcast series where they discuss something important while also walking on treadmills so they get a real case of the talkbads
  17. for the record I want it to be known my Like on that post is extremely, devastatingly ironic
  18. Actually the only thing I know to be tre is the damn drummer from Green Day. Hahaha can I get a fuck yea
  19. [with a hint of exhaustion] "That is such a thorough list." "Thank you."
  20. I tried to make a Hartford Whalers-based response to ranran but the forum swatted away the images I tried to attach and I'm at work so I can't rehost them, so please google the logo and mascot of the hartford whalers for me and just look at how they're very nice and good to look at. A whale could absolutely beat the shit out of a barrel man like it's not even a big deal so it's no question who wins this one to me.
  21. To put this in terms everyone can understand, which is to say terms from the Mega Mobile Smash Hit "Pokemon Go", Podmass is like a Pidgey or a Ratatat, but Pod-Canon is like a Ekans or a Dratini, which is to say it's the same thing but rarer and longer (physically).
  22. definitely not. just my opinion
  23. I know Andy didn't say it and wasn't even in the room when it was brought up, but I'm still worried that his influence remained in the room and that the "cherry being crushed by a chassis" scenario is actually a gross horny thing