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  1. "Charred bowlcut" from this week's player's club is such perfect, perfect wording
  2. this episode is super good. the end with the real chickens made me laugh big-time
  3. a few years ago I had a trial ambien prescription for like a month and in that time it helped me sleep Zero (0) times and instead I had vivid waking hallucinations of wicker spiders coming out of the wall and people chanting under my bed, and also one time I left like a dozen GLOWING reviews of how good the food was at a bunch of local restaurants on Google+ and some of them are still up there. 3/10 do not recommend
  4. Well, that's just a perfect example of the difference between New York and Los Angeles.
  5. Friends, do not "podmiss" your chance to say your goodbyes to the departing Earwolf Dad, Adam Sachs: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/36060-a-farewell-message-from-adam-sachs-thats-me/
  6. No, thank you! I mean, would it have been totally sweet if you had said there were 69 people at Midroll instead of 65? Of course it would have -- of COURSE it would have -- but you're a straight shooter, and I technically can't fault you for that. It's also difficult to hear that Hayes and Sean are not taking over Scripps; I suppose the world just isn't ready for that kind of power yet. All joking a salad, thanks for all you've done, and happy travels!... but please do notify us when your buddy cop movie with Jeff U. is in post.
  7. in my opinion honlads stands for Honorable Lad and I don't know what the S is for but it could be Smiles or Superb or Splendid and it's probably not Sordid or Slimy or Supports Suicide. this is just my opinion and the laws of probability
  8. I found out that not everyone in the world has seen this, so definitely please watch this episode of The Chris Gethard Show feat. Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas for some great host steamrolling and, no shit, the best reveal in TV this year (no spoilers please) [media=''] [/media]
  9. the genuine laughter at the Mike Lawrence/Don't Think jokes at the end made me do this big time -->
  10. it's about time someone talked about the Snorks, Battletoads, and the wonderful smell of pussy all within like four minutes of each other. finally the boys are speakin' my language
  11. That commenter that had never heard of Groundhog Day and loves Tim Allen starting at 2:11:15 of the best show, cashpresley32 god, PLEASE god, don't let that dude be a fake-o
  12. I hope everyone in the United States had a good memorial day weekend. While we were setting up moorings in a lake my friend got bit on her ankle by a bass (the fish) and made the loudest noise I have ever heard a human produce. It was a good time. Take care, y'all.
  13. as far as I can tell it's ordered by registration date so us early adopter cranks get free advertising every time we slam that ol' check mark. well, fortune favors the old, ha ha. the early nerd gets the perm...anent real estate on the Like List, ha ha ha. wow, what fun. haha. I think I have heat stroke btw
  14. despite all my pleas I am still in a cage with some cheese
  15. chris hardtack hosts the midnight bread show, imho will report with more punchup as I continue thru the episode, which is very good
  16. mwn

    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    Plep plep plep!
  17. Me and Timeless Jenny slappin' cuddle sluts at Newman's Own.
  18. the hairy goo ball belly guy was in the first live ep (#4) iirc
  19. this episode is so so so fuckin good
  20. women be cryptic, am I right fellas *tries to do the arsenio dog pound thing and punches himself in the side of the head*
  21. a true story is that I repeatedly misread "worms" on this page as "women" which is a very HR Giger The Character thing to do. and I'm NOT proud of it for the record
  22. Neil fucking destroyed in this show. Hot dang
  23. "Peeling their faces and feeling their places" is a spoonerism fit for a king edit: ahhahahaha "Grandma got dicked over by a veindeer" almost made me pass out