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  1. mwn

    Episode 46 - Runaway Brains Chapter 1

    whaaaaaat is thiiis ! I don't want to cast unfair expectations on this but this sounds a little made in the vein of the dearly departed Mike Detective. If this turns out to be half as stupid as that show, I'll be like Shaun White at the Olympics -- totally on board!
  2. I love how gleefully dark every single interaction between Scott and Todd is. So good
  3. holy hot food did Alison ever bring the good jokes and say them funny. loved the sharp exhale after sean said "e pluribus unum baby", loved the pronunciation of "catalogue print modeling for LL beannn", loved all of it. put another one in the Win column folks
  4. The first segment is some true "body horror" and it makes me extremely wild and shaky to listen to. I will be praying for our boys.
  5. Brett bringing back the jingling keys
  6. This was a strong, supportive episode providing a safe space for men who haven't had sex in 20+ years. It's great to be included for once.
  7. I have a popcorn gallery question for Spunky. What's it like to have a good question? I've never asked one.
  8. gang I think we've set a personal record this week for staying on topic and talking about how good the episode was for several pages, instead of talking about ourselves. great work, everyone! by the way I just noticed I missed my 100 episode anniversary of getting the pro version (ep 28).... oops... how about that.....
  9. today's a good day for podcast crossovers because the Toilet Bowl Cleaners guy that advertised on HH a long time ago (Matt Farley) is the phone man on Beautiful/Anonymous this week
  10. This episode made me say "what?!? ...now that's funny." a lot
  11. mwn

    Episode 417 - The 3 Year Diet

    god I hope the hard-hitting questions are asked about that time someone stole Tom Petty's beard
  12. I need more help, please.
  13. Riddle me THAT, Auker-JERK! edit: the only bad thing about the episode is that the name is going to be hard to write in for the best ofs, because of it's so long
  14. you fellas better watch it or you're gonna end up in the "Panama" papers
  15. I really love that adam waited SO LONG through all the boys making their cases before dropping the shoe bomb. guy's a regular Richard Reid over here
  16. roman sklar is the huttest dog that's ever lived. look at his little fat rolls and his trade empire on the desert planet tattooine
  17. I had no idea hayes was a big baseball dorkus. I have a cabinet of useless shit at work and approximately one quarter of it is the bible for big baseball dorkuses. I knew it'd come in handy some day
  18. mwn

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    "I'm the sort of guy where my bowels become a real hobgoblin at night." it is insane how great joe wengert is at throwing weird little turns into his characters
  19. I don't care for Obamacare This drain is clogged with too much hair! oh my fuckin gosh sean. since when is wayne brady on the show
  20. I have no idea how he did either of those tricks
  21. This show is very good, in my humble opinion
  22. Brett being more disabled by saying "ow, ow, I'm cold" legitimately made me choke on my coffee
  23. already been on the show... ..NOW we're talkin'