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  1. mwn

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    Scott is so punchy in this episode, it's great. I laughed so hard at "Steve Rannazzisi died in 9/11" that my ear tubes started to hurt
  2. Adam Scott and Henry Phillips are great calls. Chelsea Peretti is the name that I want to say now. OK I said it. OK bye
  3. not really?? but that was good, and yeah, respectively
  4. every week someone says something perfectly stupid that tickles me pink, and this week it was "Oh, wow! The famous New York car!"
  5. mwn

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    Boy, incestuous-underage-makeout-wise, the Kid Detectives and the Bachelor Brothers would get along great.
  6. Run, do not walk, to the video of the first round of Kulap giving Jimmy clues in Sevens. 2:04:30 magical
  7. hmmm guess I'm gonna have to wait for the Oral History of Episode 123 Page 5 to suss out this fallout (I don't want to know what he actually said though so don't tell me)
  8. this episode is stone cold fuckin hysterical. the boys put kulap in an impossible position and she killed it. engineer sam did an adorable job with the chart tune. big guffaws coming from me today
  9. yes it actually is but it's fun to be mean. did you see my fucked up twisted grin
  10. the av club copy editing process must be ctrl+f ing for swears and nothing else because the YITR blurb is riddled with errors. aside from "the Miles Davis," "the jazz essentially become," and several run-on sentences, it also claims it's a "smart [...] podcast" and that they "use humor." o ho ho now I'm the mean one
  11. weird acrostic, ashley
  12. No possibly about it, baby! It's perfect. It's just perfect.
  13. but kittens if your goal is reached then youll leave and i'll have no one to play with... [my face is starting to get creepy] i don't want to let you go... [everything is getting dark and fucked up looking] i can't let you go... [the scene is now truly sinister and you say "wow this is very atmospheric and what a pretty good post"]
  14. seems like everyone in the forum has gotten the contagious Rowdy gene from deadpool and now everyone is biting each other and themselves. unhealthy for the ecosystem imo. fuck I miss BoScout.
  15. mwn

    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    Ben licking glitter off of Scott's face while Scott calls him a cumfuck is going right next to Bono's dick drawing on the list of shit I still can't quite believe really happened
  16. "thunderstorm" being the go-to example of bad news is, for some reason to me, the funniest thing maybe ever been on the show. can't explain why amazing ep. disagree with the pro version selection but still amazing ep
  17. Gillian's theme song for Dick Hut is truly incredible
  18. Steve that seems like a veiled threat to one of Obama's daughters. now I can finally call the cops on you for a GOOD reason
  19. Dear guest, What's kissing like? I've never done it because I'm worried my incredible jaw strength will cause harm to the ones I love. Also I'm still sorry about that last question. Do I deserve forgiveness? I don't think so, sometimes. Sorry. Bye
  20. Dear guest, What am I supposed to do for Valentine's Day now that Antonin Scalia's miserable body has been robbed of its Γ©lan vital? He factored heavily into my former plans, which I will not divulge here. Ha ha I'm tying in current events into my question and that's great and good taste. Good stuff from me just kidding. Sorry. Bye
  21. For those who might not get the reference, "hot dog go to bathroom" is a quote from the podcast Hollywood Handbook.
  22. I don't like to pile on people because I like to be the change I want to see in the world. BUT I did hear from a reliable source that montgomery's name is actually not-come-ery because he got his dick trapped in a clamp while he was putting a shelf together and now he has difficulty achieving in bed. Not to be mean this is just fact imo