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  1. It's a bad bit, but to be fair it's been stuck in my head all day. Keep going around mumbling "I'm a black man with blue balls. I like ball gags and gag orders. I order fries. Order spies. Shop for ties and I'm out of order. I'm in it to win it and I've lost out. I'm fancy free and I'm footloose. I'm six foot two with two left feet I'm right on time on the wrong street. I'm street smart and book dumb I chew your ass like I'm chewing gum. If you say it back to me, your a hairy chimpanzee."

    It's a bad bit but that's a good post. It's top-notch for bottom dollar. Makes me holler and get hot under the collar. I could play it cool, but I'll look the fool. I'll need a digital tutor on the computer. I need a lock for my key board, and my USB is full of BS. The head honcho should strongarm my ass and give me the boot. My post history is a ghost mystery. My transfer speed is several megabits per second. [hold for applause]

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  2. Joe has a big feather and he's tickling honlads feet to make him laugh. honlads is making a big show of being brave but everyone knows it's only a matter of time. big muscles flexing everywhere on both of these boys. soft breeze blows through an open window, sunlight dancing on the sheets around them. a perfect moment in time

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