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  1. Chev Chellos wakes up in Tiajuana, Mexico in a bathtub full of ice to discover a gang of Mexican thugs (led by Danny Trejo) have stolen his kidneys. Now he has to find someone who can give him a transplant AND have the same blood type as him before he dies of kidney failure. Crank 3: Live and Let Dialysis.

  2. This movie features the following:
    -Chris Klein's acting
    -An extreme sport with inexplicable rules and stupid looking athletes (with names like "Skullface" and "La Guillotine")
    -LL Cool J as the cool, black best friend
    -A plot that makes virtually no sense
    -Jean Reno with a Russian accent
    -A 10 minutes chase scene filmed entirely in night vision with goofy sound effects
    -Rebecca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell with a Russian accent (and nudity)

    This movie is laughably bad. And it's wonderful. Mix with beer for a great time.

    ALSO! It's a whopping 3% on Rotten Tomatoes. Boom.

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