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    Episode 146 - Punch-Drunk Love (w/ Emily Yoshida)

    Instant yes from me, although I do have some gripes over the underdevelopment of Emily Watson's character. Generally for a love story to work, the leads should be equally as interesting as one another. This clearly is not the case in Punchdrunk love where Adam Sandler exhibits all of the quirk and Watson is haplessly swept up into his chaotic momentum. That said, thankfully the movie works on so many other levels. Through the pulsating sound design balanced with visually striking moments, the movie feels like a living organism, expressing it's anxiety and wonder on a hypnotic, subconscious level. PT Anderson knows how to make a film. Ultimately, the film takes a risk on Sandler, an actor grounded in obnoxious frathouse comedy, to give an uncharacteristic dramatic performance, and it chose very well. Barry is an atypical romantic lead. He is wounded in ways he doesn't understand well enough to share, he seems uncertain of his place in any sort of social context. His anxiety about exporting uncharted emotional territory manifests in ways that only seem necessary in the mind of a nervous person (the airline points on pudding cups sequence, for example). It is this imperfection which makes him so much more relatable than prototypical male romantic lead, and why I made sure to show this movie to the woman who would become my wife very early on as a warning of what a relationship with me could potentially be like. 9 years later, still no cornea damaging car-crashes, so there's that.
  2. Just heard this fantastic episode yesterday and laughed my ass off from end to end. The rapport between Tompkins' Santa and anything Lauren feels like throwing at him is consistently great, whatever podcast it may be on. So imagine my surprise when, as late as I am to listening to this, I found out that THERE WAS NO FAN ART OF BUMPKIN (the Pumpkin Reindeer)!!! So I made some. https://twitter.com/...941661322338304
  3. Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans top the cast of this painfully enjoyable 80's comedy. The question is not only how this got made, but how anybody's careers managed not only to survive but thrive with this little skeleton in the closet. I just can't get the image of a hairy-assed Jeff Goldblum wearing a leather thong out of my mind.
  4. Sealy Posturepedic? More like mealy, gross, drippy dick. I want that pillow on a Leesa mattress, featuring five layers of cooling comfort delivered directly to your grocers freezer, this is Committee Bank Bank
  5. Posting this again, because it has not been used. Takin' A Plug Break by Fourth Grade Security Risk https://soundcloud.c...in-a-plug-break Yeah, it's two minutes long. Use whatever part of it you want. I tried to do a short edit but that edit was shitty. This is the greatest piece of music I have ever produced, in honor of my love for CBB. I have always hoped that Scott and a receptive crew would join in on yelling "TAKIN' A PLUG BREAK" and not even notice that it was a full length song because they were just having a great time. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN REPAY THEM FOR ALL THE JOY THAT THEY HAVE BROUGHT TO ME IF THIS IS UNSATISFACTORY THEN I AM A FAILURE IN LIFE AND DO NOT DESERVE THE GRACE OF SCOTT. The end.
  6. I don't know if there's any damn rules or whatever but I'm bumping this. Might as well since it still hasn't been played and still completely rules. People have been downloading it this month, I thought maybe it was put into an episode I haven't heard yet. Doesn't seem to be by who knows, maybe word of mouth is that THIS IS A REAL PARTY JAM WORTH LISTENING TO OFTEN
  7. Warble2850

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    Catching up on my CBB's and MAN did the start of this episode deliver big laughs. They hit the ground running, Tompkin's impression of Tom Lennon was incredible. And then at the end Scott displays knowledge of the band Failure which, although he was confused at first, he corrected, and it meant the world to me since they're my favorite band ever (plus he wasn't too far off...he straightened himself out by saying Ken Andrews by name, but the other name he was confusing it with was Greg Edwards, the other founding member of the band).
  8. ...thats not a very good threeeeaaaadddd...
  9. Warble2850


    Did anything ever come of this? Also, legit how much would it cost to get a 2 minute plug song played? 200? 500? Those are numbers!
  10. Warble2850

    Flyin' solo

    Hmm.... on second thought, all the guests can go home, I'm doing this one solo this week. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
  11. Would you rather listen to this show or not? Don't answer yet, I haven't opened the floor for questions. This is Comedy Bang Bang.
  12. Warble2850

    Best of 2015 Pt. 2

    Man, when Scott and Paul got into talking about Plane Breaks/Plain Cakes it made me so sad inside that my Plane Break tribute plug song has yet to be featured. It's the best song I've ever recorded, in honor of the CBB gods. It's long, but it deserves to be. Viva la Plane Break! https://soundcloud.com/taketherisk-1/takin-a-plug-break
  13. Warble2850


    Ooh, missed this thread. Definitely Jason on Twitter actively for a month. And Scotty! Play my 2 minute plug song and get the room to join in on the chorus! (I miss the plane breaks-- it's "takin' a plug break!")
  14. Warble2850

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Everybody wish for Jason to join Twitter and participate actively for a month. Got it? Cool, I'ma wish that my two minute plug song could be played in it's entirely over here.
  15. Warble2850

    Shit not...

    Shit not, Sherlock. No shit could ever take the place of the one I have for you. Why do you insult me with such half-hearted shits? Leave the shitting to the pros. This shit is Comedy Bang Bang.
  16. Warble2850

    What guest do you want to see?

    The band Mates of State seems like they'd be a good fit. They've got a new album coming out this year so maybe they could hit up the podcast for a promo.
  17. Well it's Hollywood Cats and we're going down meow, going to, Inglewood meow. Everybody do your cats and trim your claws there's fur and litter and, lots of yarn. Get a drink, from a bowl, then go walk in front of a computer screen that someone is using. Hollywood cats, take out your barbed penis. This is Comedy Bang Bang. Check out the cats it's the Hollywood cats, meow.
  18. Warble2850

    Would you rather theme

    I THINK Scott said he enjoyed/missed the Hollywood Facts theme so they'd use it in bonus episodes. Of course, just listening to an episode there's usually no sense of it being anything more than a regular episode. Also I think the release order mighta gotten bumped due to Harris' death - which maybe just maybe has priority over would you rather theme continuity. Or I could be mistaken about ALL of this.
  19. Takin' a Plug Break by Fourth Grade Security Risk God I miss Plane Breaks, so I made this song in tribute to them. Hopefully Scott will know exactly what to do when the chorus hits. The full version was over 2 minutes long so I made shitty short version. Short 'n' Shitty https://soundcloud.c...reak-short-edit Full 'n' Fantastic! https://soundcloud.c...in-a-plug-break
  20. PLEASE PLAY MY SONG BEFORE WE ALL DIE. It's a really cool song, and there's even a short version. Thanks, you're a love.
  21. Warble2850


    I said it before and I'll say it again. Doomsday (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0483607/ It's actually quite enjoyable, but it's about a dozen different not just movies but GENRES of movies at once and it's completely ridiculous.
  22. Chemically speaking, it doesn't get any wilder than a diet soda.
  23. Warble2850

    Remember This Plug Time

    You've gotta remember they record a year in advance.
  24. Warble2850

    Is Jukebox Jury ever coming back?

    The early days used to have a lot of planned breaks for music which were every bit as terrible as the Jukebox Jury songs, they just happened to come from famous people. I think with some of the stellar work we've heard in the plug songs, maybe some of the better received submissions could have their artist just thrown in from time to time in a break, if pre-recorded music breaks were to ever again be incorporated in the show.
  25. Warble2850

    "Tonight You Will Plug For Me" by Jake Marciniak

    Hot Dog, there have really been some good plug themes over the last couple years. I can't/won't complain that my own don't get played so long as other quality works keep beating me out.