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    Episode 95 — Comic Books!

    i was watching a few minutes of jimmy fallon interviewing eddie murphy and decided that you are like the jimmy fallon of podcasting: really sincere and earnest and likeable and easy to root for but ultimately not especially quick witted or funny. i may continue to listen particularly if i like the guest as with kulap who is excellent company but really, to extend the metaphor, you are a far cry from becoming either the colbert or stewart of podcasting, not that you would ever suggest that was within your grasp. in any case, i appreciate the effort (though you could put a little more into reconceptualizing the laime ass oprah segment) and wish you all the best.
  2. littlepiggy

    Episode 119 — Andi Callahan, RN

    gillian jacobs is adorable and funny. so great when people exceed your expectations. glad we got the chance to hear her out of character. cant wait for the chevy chase episode! im sure he would be just as warm and generous an interviewee as he is legendarily as an actor .
  3. littlepiggy

    Episode 28 — Who Charted? Book Club

    chart transfer! its The Call not The Fall that sing The Walls Came Down.