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  1. When Paul described his reaction to "The Love Guru," I immediately thought of my own puzzled, horrified, laughing reaction to "Master of Disguise." Some of the scenes are the most excruciating, stone-dead bits ever to be committed to screen. It's probably too dusty at this point, though...
  2. Super late to this ep, but holy crow was it amazing. Great guest, so much delighted laughing...
  3. jesshelga

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    Just stopping by to say I laughed so hard at "Constable Jonstable" that I cried.
  4. jesshelga

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    Scott describing The Rock's giant ass was my favorite non-intern part.
  5. jesshelga

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    I decided to stop by the thread to see if anyone was still laughing about/talking about the whole Dick Francis/Mr. Microphone portion of ep 4. That whole giddy nutty portion, with the singing and the asking Siri about Dick Francis is just the best.
  6. Funny, Stan, I was thinking it was the other guy rumored to be in the closet and unable to contain his inappropriate expressions of sexuality with masseurs and the like: John Travolta. And thanks (?) for the share, Dan. I cried my way through that moments ago at my desk.
  7. Because I don't think it can be said enough: Dave Holmes is the best, and I love when he is on NNF. I hope he gets to read a chapter of his book at Pardcast-athon.
  8. Them Duke Boys sure get around to regional theater: I saw John Schneider as Curley in a production of Oklahoma! in the late '90s. I enjoyed how Craig wove his deep knowledge of Rush throughout the episode, especially because it seemed to delight all the other players.
  9. jesshelga


    My wish is a summer theater season at Largo: one weekend each for a drama-type musical (like Evita so Scott can reprise his role of Magaldi), one olde-tymey musical (I would have to insist it be The Music Man, so Scott and PFT could rotate the role of Harold Hill and Jason could play the bitter anvil salesman who tries to ruin him), and a caberet-style show.
  10. I have to believe that some day, Scott and Jimmy will produce a summer stock-style musical theater season at Largo. And when it happens, I will buy tickets to see Scott revisit his triumphant performance as Magaldi in "Evita" (Casey Wilson as Evita).
  11. 1) Spontaneanation is for learning as well as laughing: I had never heard the Charles-Kuralt-was-a-bigamist story and had fun reading the Salon article from 15+ years ago. 2) "Dick Cheney?" was the thing that finally broke my ability to laugh in relative silence whilst listening on the train this afternoon. How delightful to get to know all the non-PFT talent from NYSU!
  12. jesshelga

    EPISODE 5 - Mars Base 3

    I listened to this during my morning commute and had to clap a hand over my mouth to keep from cackling out loud during the wipe-transition wars. Also, I half expected Jimmy Pardo to bust through the door during Dave and PFT's uncertain recap of the members of KISS.
  13. jesshelga

    EPISODE 107 β€” Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I am almost 99% sure that the Gleeson sarcastic lines were not legal-pad-transcription-stage-direction errors, but were honest-to-God intended to be read as written. In addition to David E Kelley's standard characters, he loves writing in verbal tics that sound fucking stupid (see "Denny Crane!," the judge who called everyone a toad in "Chicago Hope," everything ever said on "Ally McBeal").
  14. jesshelga

    EPISODE 107 β€” Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I loved Paul's laughing incredulity that Amazon had more five-star reviews that he anticipated.. because at the height of David E. Kelley's popularity, I saw this in theaters during my college years because I loved Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, and The Practice soooooooo much and spent a lot of time online (I believe, no joke, on Prodigy message boards) talking to other people about what a genius David E. Kelley was. Eventually, and blessedly, I was deprogrammed, thanks in large part to a dawning realization that--as PFT and Nate pointed out many times, in many wonderful ways--David E Kelley is decidedly unfunny, very unkind to female characters, and has a terrible habit of recycling both wacky, racist olds and aggressive, nonsensical fat jokes. Good news: he and fellow Maine native Stephen King are collaborating on an adaptation of Mr. Mercedes so we're in for more Maine-based horrors in the future! Yay! And thanks for the heads-up that I can rent this at Amazon on the cheap, since I now want to relive the hot heartthrobby Adam Arkin moments, as well as (and I hope you can talk about this in C&O) the tuba-heavy score. It sounded like Sousa took a bunch of 'ludes.
  15. There are many NNF regulars I love, but no one I love as much as Dave Holmes. Him and Jimmy talking always yields comedy AND soap talk. Love it.
  16. jesshelga

    Episode 201 β€” What’s Your Hub?

    I could not agree more with Kuku and Cameron re: The Strain print ads and billboards. NOT NECESSARY. Also: spent some time on our family vacation to the Northwoods obsessively reading the TotalFilm 25 Most Disturbing Films lists, then researching each of the films thoroughly on Wikipedia. Unsurprisingly, I had a hard time getting to sleep a few nights.
  17. jesshelga

    Episode 89 β€” Gooby

    Zouks calling the film "almost Brechtian" made me cry with laughter.
  18. Speaking of tee shirts--and aren't we always talking about the tee shirts?--I very very very sincerely want the Earwolf Store to release a "This is good rock and roll, uh, music" tee so I can always remember this wonderful moment in podcasting history.
  19. jesshelga

    Episode 71.5 β€” Minisode 71.5

    Am I the only one who found the sibling relationship really, really, really upsetting? Why is a grown man tucking his grown-ass sister into bed? Why is his sister staring at her brother while he flirts for 45 minutes? Even if she is a--spoiler alert--robut?
  20. jesshelga

    Episode 16 β€” The Smurfs

    God help me, I love Tim Gunn, but the portion of the podcast where the gang all talks about Tim Gunn's horrible performance made me laugh until I cried. The mental picture of him getting peanut butter smeared on his gums will never leave my mind.