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    The Big Hit (1998)

    I really don't think I've seen it more than once but it's just always stuck in my head how bad it was. Wasn't the black dude on the wall at the video store for renting the most porn? And he was always working out his hand, because that's how masturbation works - the stronger the better. And I recall a scene where a Lincoln Towncar (?) chases Marky Mark for waaaay to too long, like that scene in Hot Rod. I think they could rip this thing apart.
  2. It was pretty fascinating to hear him say he was nervous about the pre-interviews and press stuff for Review. He's so good at grounding his characters in such a terrifying reality, it's odd to think of him as not in control of a situation. For me anyway. And I found that title card so appropriately jarring - more so that I was expecting it to pan to the right after listening to this episode before actually seeing it. The graphic has that 60's, Halloween costume packaging feel - like it should be in the middle of a hypno spiral.
  3. 2COOL4U69

    The Big Hit (1998)

    I couldn't see if this had been previously posted because the title is all 3-letter-words. This movie tried so hard to be cool and failed miserably. Plot holes. Tasteless humor. Lou Diamond Phillips. Enthusiastic masturbation. Anyone? This one is on par with 'Cool as Ice' in my book. ( that doesn't fully showcase how bad it is.)
  4. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 83.5 — Minisode 83.5

    I really hope Graham Clark is a guest on one of these Hulk Hogan episodes. Probably not going to happen but boy would it be neat.
  5. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    He didn't handle it with a lot of grace, but I can't see any real harm in that aside from the fact that it detracted from the point of the rant in the first place. "Entertainment news is neither entertainment nor news."
  6. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Heck yeah! Scott-a-bot mentioned getting him on at one point and I have been holding out since. Can't Won't wait to listen.
  7. I know very little about them and I'm not a big fan of U2, but I will listen to every GD second of this. Probably more than once.
  8. There was one mask that pumped blood through it wasn't there? I kind of think of him as more of a fleshier Joseph Merrick with metal plates holding it all together.
  9. What do you guys think Chip's face looks like?
  10. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 270 — Off The Grid

    This honestly made me laugh out loud. Picturing an uncle at the Thanksgiving table shoehorn Metallica into every conversation is a special kind of funny.
  11. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 270 — Off The Grid

    Are you a Red Red Chilly Peppers fan by any chance?
  12. "You have exceeded your quota of positive votes for the day." AND I HAVEN'T EVEN LISTENED TO IT YET!!!! This is like Cowboy Christmas AND Cowboy Halloween rolled into one.
  13. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 79.5 — Minisode 79.5

    Prolblably gonna be Denis Leary.
  14. Immediately subscribing. I don't care if it's just Andy reading his grocery list, this is going to be really really funny.
  15. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 101 — Coma Counting

    Mary Holland was really good in a recent episode of Before you were Funny.
  16. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 148 — Young Randolph Mantooth

    Harvard Sailing Team has real .
  17. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 241 — The Stallone Bros.

    Stallone's foggy world view that everybody is 'a good kid, gonna be a big star' cracked me up. As though the world has just moved on without him. I wonder if this Chechen monster also operates in international waters.
  18. I thought you were 'Out' after Badass? Maybe revisit that stance.
  19. Boomerangs don't return if you hit something with them! Is Uwe Boll 9 years old?
  20. 2COOL4U69

    Phat Beach

    I'd love to see this one torn apart, particularly by Jason Mantzoukas.
  21. 2COOL4U69

    The Marine (2006)

    He should have just done the John Connor gag from Wayne's World 2 again. In fact he should have to do that in every movie.
  22. 2COOL4U69


    Never really thought of it that way... Good point. I still feel like the Will Durant quote at the beginning coupled with the conquistador's arrival at the end is a bit too preachy.
  23. 2COOL4U69


    I disagree. Something about this movie stuck with me. I got food poisoning from the restaurant I ate at just before seeing it. When I started barfing later that night all I could think about was those headless, torquoise-pianted bodies tumbling down that pyramid. It was promoted as a sort-of Mesoamerican Braveheart, but ended up just being realistically over the top violent with a crazy-ass religious message. Worth watching for sure, but not fun enough for HDTGM.
  24. 2COOL4U69

    The Marine (2006)

    The black guy in T-1000's crew has the most unnecessary backstory. They really do a bad job making light of molestation in a movie where it absolutely doesn't belong.
  25. 2COOL4U69

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

    I came here to suggest this movie. I first saw it on VHS when I was probably 8 years old and it made me really, really sad. What they do to that poor koala, and then its miraculous recovery just confused me, The Dice Man is the least endearing lead actor I've seen to date. Perfect for HDTGM.