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  1. frankpulaski

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    NEW VIDEO-IZATION: John Lennon and The TimeKeeper FreeStyle Rap
  2. frankpulaski

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    I also made a music video out of the "Apple Tree" song, check it out if you like, thanks!
  3. frankpulaski

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    Loved this ep so much, always a geat trio, I've listened twice so far. I made a video-ization for this ep: Closing Of The Plugs Bag Theme 2016 Ben Schwartz Horatio Sanz CBB 393
  4. My gift to the world: VIDEO Santa VS HoHo Paul F. Tompkins/Lauren Lapkus Quintessential Christmas Song
  5. frankpulaski

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    I had to make the video: Reggae Cantina Band Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins CBB Best of 2015 Pt. 1 MASHUP
  6. frankpulaski

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    Also, for those who have not seen my video-izations for the Hollywood Facts theme: Hollywood Facts CBB 109 Andy Samberg, Adam Pally, Scott Aukerman Hollywood Facts A Capella Andy Samberg, Lauren Lapkus, Scott Auckerman CBB 312
  7. frankpulaski

    Episode 390 - The Oh, Hello Show

    Someone on the YouTubes asked me to make a video out of "Cantina Plugs by Bill & Bob" so I did:
  8. frankpulaski

    Cantina Plugs

    Someone on the YouTubes asked me to make a video out of your plug theme so I did:
  9. frankpulaski

    Ask Paul!

    Aloha Mr. Tompjacks, will the live shows be aired on the Podcast? Also, do most Guest stay for the improv? Aloha!
  10. frankpulaski

    EPISODE 4 - Savannah, Georgia

    GREAT EPISODE! I made a video for this ep: The Seven Dimensions SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins #4
  11. frankpulaski

    Episode 303 ā€” Puttering Around

    I made a video for the episode: Andrew Lloyd Webber / Paul F. Tompkins Raps Jesus Christ Superstar - CBB 303
  12. I made this video: A fan video-ization of an excerpt from The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, Episode 8 Kiss Me, Iā€™m Patrick McMahon LIVE! Limerick Off with Andy Daly, Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, Sean Conroy, Matt Gourley, Mark McConville, Jeremy Carter, and James Blandon. Edited by Frank W. Pulaski III, DreamTyme Films
  13. frankpulaski

    Submit clips here!

    Just found this: Trash those records, now we have tape!
  14. frankpulaski

    Episode 176 ā€” Out of Bleeps

    NEW FAN VIDEO: A Video-ization of an excerpt from the podcast, Comedy Bang Bang: episode 176 "Out of Bleeps" Freestyle rap battle featuring Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas, Scott Aukerman and James Adomian (as Tom Leykis). The topic of this rap battle is "Scorpions", suggested by Earwolf intern Caroline E. Anderson. 09/17/12 Edited by Frank Pulaski, DreamTyme Films