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    Episode 30 — Gratitude

    Tig and David, your view towards nudity isn't rational. In this country we've been taught to think that there is something inherently wrong with nudity, which is nonsense and only serves as another way to shame and control the population, that somehow we should be ashamed of the bodies into which we're born. Ironically this puritanical view has been adopted by many in the progressive/liberal camps, in another instance of political-correctness gone rampant. Nudity does not equal pornography. I've known plenty of families that have very pragmatic views on nudity to whom it wasn't a big deal and the kids were better adjusted because of it, as has been the case in most cultures for most of human history. The mistrust of nudity is the perversion. Inappropriate relationships between adults and kids can occur clothed or not!
  2. captkeebz

    Episode 45 — Sex Chickens

    Good show guys. I think you're deliberately trying to kill me with the cuckoo, weewee, and summah talk though.