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    Drug Tips for Scott

    If you want to do this right you should do some heroin or any kind of opiate. That way if you're bored...you can just fall asleep.
  2. Balance33

    Episode 94 — The Great Beyond!

    Well done Seth. Next time try it with 4 chicks. To Elizabeth: Can you please say shaved vagina instead of bald vagina? Bald vagina makes me think of a vagina that can't grow hair like you know...a vagina that belongs to a baby. Also what you call white trash tacos I call fucking delicious.
  3. Balance33

    Episode 13.5 - Minisode 14

    The trailer for Green Lantern reminds me a lot of this trailer:
  4. Balance33

    ICP's filmography

    If I can recommend another shitty rapper movie... Foolish starring Eddie Griffin and Master P. Written by Master P...directed by a music video director. Andrew Dice Clay is in it. It's free right now on youtube and hulu I believe. It's kind of amazing.