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    Episode 40 — Your Memory Is a Filthy Liar

    Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge describes the lines on a treble musical staff. Up from the bottom: E, G, B, D, F The spaces are just FACE. You remember the how, but not the why! What a great episode. I love this false memory stuff. The only reason I could recall this bit is because I eventually applied it a bunch in my life. I have no idea what other elementary school ROY G. BIV-type junk I have rattling around up there.
  2. incredimarc

    Never Say Never Again

    From Rotten Tomatoes: Hacky fight scenes and a general feeling of "why?" during the whole film, Never Say Never Again deserves the HDTGM treatment, even if it's not an outright terrible film. It's a non-canon 007 flick that has an "old" plot and an "old" Bond. Plus .
  3. incredimarc

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Guys. Snow White & The Huntsman is HORRIBLE! It has a 46% on RT but don't be deceived, it is an utter mess. When the acting, directing, dialogue, and visual effects aren't completely obscurring the abismal story, there are scenes that don't make sense and in one glaring case are completely ripped off from other movies for no percevable benifit to the film!
  4. incredimarc

    Episode 5.1 — Using the Guest: Day 1

    There's a bit of missing audio in the coaching session with Left-Handed Radio, right? After their theme snippet this episode cuts weirdly into the middle of a discussion about Alec Baldwin... Doth my ears deceive me?
  5. incredimarc

    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    CRANK: Collaterbrain Damage Chev Chelios' brain is replaced by a Speak & Spell and he needs to continue reading dictionary entries out loud in order to get his body to run away from all the gangs. Possible zing: "I'm not in the M-O-O-D for this S-H-I-T."
  6. incredimarc

    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    CRANK: Assploitation Chev Chelios wakes up in a filthy operating room to the sound of a ringing cell phone. It's Amy Smart! Or Dwight Yoakam, or somebody... anyway, "Chelios! You've got a bomb in your colon! You have to keep farting to keep it from exploding because of science!" Chev continues to crop dust over the entire city while being chased by every gang. He definitely ends up farting on the Queen of England before (or after) having public sex with Ms. Smart.