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  1. This screenshot is from the Sports For Kids event. On the far right, I'm pretty sure that Rip's brother Randy is in full-on clown gear.
  2. I'm having the exact same problem. I bought the video this morning, but the link isn't bringing me anywhere.
  3. When I watched this movie on VHS, the cover billed it as starring Ice-T, Coolio, and Warwick Davis in that order. This movie may as well be retitled Waiting For Coolio. He doesn't show up until the very end, and all he does is pop into the church to check out the rappers' show. Coolio doesn't have any lines, one of the rappers just says "Look man, it's Coolio!" while Coolio looks around. That's all the Coolio we see, and for that he gets second billing. This has never been said about anyone ever, but Warwick Davis would do well to hire Coolio's agent.
  4. Based on the Street Fighter series of video games, this movie casts Chris Klein as an Interpol agent tasked to run the Thailand office. That is one of the least crazy things about this weird, incompetent, but still really entertaining movie. Mostly, I feel like a one man cult about this one, and feel like I'm the only person who's seen it. If we could get this movie onto the podcast, I'd feel a lot less like an insane street preacher.
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    Does anyone else remember Randy and Jason hyping a visit to the calming shores by Tom Scharpling? Am I the only one who remembers it? Am I Julianne Moore in The Forgotten, or Jodie Foster in Flightplan? Which Clarice Starling am I?
  6. BMin

    Episode 13 — Bathtub Safety

    I love that Bob keeps trying to get the show rolling even though he's being attacked by a creature and there is blood being spilled.