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    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    I'd like to contribute this comment.
  2. Chriswich

    Check out the MiddleageChildren Podcast!

    Tried to listen but your website appears to have been taken over by a terrorist group. Hopefully they also took over the podcast because a terrorist comedy podcast might be interesting.
  3. Chriswich

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    Todd Glass is the best. I feel giddy when I turn it on.
  4. Chriswich

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    Totally Married It's actually better than their Earwolf show Totally Laime. None of those pesky comedian guests getting in the way.
  5. I take issue with it being called the first "reality podcast." Not all reality shows are based on a competition (in fact, I would argue that shows like American Idol and Survivor are more like game shows). Most podcasts are already reality podcasts because they are not scripted so I was rather confused when I first heard the premise of the Earwolf Challenge. Other than that nearly pointless annoyance, I really liked the show. It's really interesting to hear what other people think makes a good podcast.
  6. Chriswich

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I liked this episode. There were some good perspectives from the fans. I have been listening to podcasts since 2005 I think (probably started with some podcast about the TV show Lost). Then, once Adam Carolla got his morning show, I would exclusively listen to that by podcasting it. Naturally, when he got fired and started his podcast, I began listening to that obsessievely and then branched out into other comedy podcasts. I would like to say that focusing more on production of the shows is not necessarily a good thing. Over-production is exactly what makes most radio so much worse than podcasts. Too much thought is put into gimmicks like sound effects and contrived bits instead of substantive content. That's why I prefer conversational podcasts. From my perspective, Earwolf already has shows that seem to put a lot of planning, forethought and editing into each show. I would not like to hear more shows like The Apple Sisters for instance. I'd rather hear a show that's more about conversation and not necessarily being constantly funny and/or doing characters. The Wolfden is actually my favorite show on Earwolf. Oh, and as far as actual audio quality goes, every show sounds great to me so I don't know that I would notice that if it improved.
  7. Chriswich

    how do i change my display name?

    Reading this after the name was changed, it looks like Sarp was the name you thought was the worst name ever (which actually wouldn't be that hard to believe). I'll never know what the name was before. One of my great regrets in life.