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  1. Woo! Thanks Kulap!
    I'm a fan of Awesomesauce. Delicious! :D
    Which one did you like better?
    The one that specifies the type of summa' gum (Option 2) or the Earwolf gum (Option 1)?
    Also, I just realized I said "Sloppy Tommy" in my first post. Not "Sloppy Timmy" :D

  2. Yeah I caught that :(

    Well I already made it so I'll just post it and hope it gets picked up later :D

    Shirt Template:
    I used a free photoshop template for the shirt. Credits link below.

    Shirt Design:
    Done by me! :]

    I, personally, prefer Option 1 (the first one) over Option 2.