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    Best Comedy on Netflix Instant

    Which of the British shows on Netflix are worth watching? I've seen Monty Python, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and the Office, but there's a lot more on Netflix. I had to turn off Blackadder after ten minutes- it was way too broad and half the show was applause breaks. Does it get better?
  2. I'm pretty sure you could do a whole podcast based solely on the trailer this movie which will eventually be on the podcast. It's like the CW remade Footloose, but decided that they wanted to update parts of the film, while leaving other parts exactly as they were in the original, making it weirdly dated- half of it belongs in the 80s, half on the cutting-room floor of Step Up 3-D. This movie should be called Breakin 3: Electric Honky. I can't wait till October when this piece of shit comes out, because there will be a wonderful How Did This Get Made episode to help me get over it.
  3. DavidW

    Best Comedy on Netflix Instant

    Louie is one of my favorite shows of all-time. I love that he's willing explore something no matter how dark it can get, like in the Bully episode. He seems to trust that his audience isn't expecting just joke-after-joke and creates something much more rewarding and complicated. It's similar to Bobcat Goldthwait's movie World's Greatest Dad (also on Netflix Instant), which is one of the most rewarding bittersweet comedies I've ever seen.
  4. DavidW

    Best Comedy on Netflix Instant

    This seems like a great place to share suggestions for sitcoms, comedy films, and stand-up specials on Netflix Instant, especially less well-known ones or ones with Earwolf guests. One sitcom I discovered on Netflix Instant is Pushing Daisies, which was a great, short-lived sitcom that had Paul F. Tompkins (Suit Magoo), Paul Reubens, and David Koechner as guest stars. There's a lot of famous shows like South Park and Kids in the Hall on Netflix Instant, which is great, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for shows or movies that were surprises.