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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    A guy arguing with a previous recording of himself. listen to at least 35 seconds in. -Andrew L. Nelson
  2. I really like the episodes where Besser brings in people outside the UCB family. Todd Glass, recently Paul F. Tompkins It makes for interesting improv to have someone from a different comedy background, and it also follows a more traditional model of podcasting (to bring a guest into the realm of host and parameters of the show). I hope they continue to do shows like this, it really highlights the improvisors' adaptability with hilarious outcomes. I told Besser this in person when I met him in 2012 while touring with CBB. I suggested he should have Greg Proops on, because I thought it would be interesting to hear two old school comedy stoners to talk about improv from different perspectives, and share in the common thread that is podcast comedy. I know it's unlikely since Besser already unleashed his screed against the two types of improv confusion... but what do you think about having guests outside the improv community? would you listen to episodes that were more akin to a pre-existing UCB show like Snowpants?
  3. Vitamins3

    Episode 147 β€” Old Dread Ben

    It's OK... but it doesn't fully explain public conception of this insane sub-culture. If Besser or the guests have questions about bronies I'd be more than happy to answer them. They all seemed confused and misinformed.
  4. Vitamins3

    Guest suggestions

    Matt talked about suggestions to improve the show, I hope this is the right thread. 1 Take improv suggestions from guests' opening stories. You guys get into some really funny tangents in the intro and I wish you would explore some of those stories. 2 Celebrity guest. When I met Matt Besser on the CBB tour I suggested that he could have on some non-UCB guests that may be inclined to improv. I said he should try to have on Greg Proops because I thought the different improv style backgrounds would make for a good dynamic. Matt didn't seem to receptive to the idea which I wasn't really offended by until I learned there is show at the UCB called "Snow pants" (I think) that will occasionally have non-improv people like J. J. Abrams on to improv with. I'm not saying every episode should have a special guest but it is the traditional podcast layout and I think it would be interesting to see how the two worlds collide. It doesn't have to be every scene of the episode even, something to think about. 3 Bring back the dad letters. I thought those were really interesting to have a look into the past like that to base an imrpov off. Maybe different relics from the past of the guests, I thought those were some of my favorite scenes.
  5. Vitamins3

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Sign Language Santa http://www.wcvb.com/news/local/central-massachusetts/Santa-uses-sign-language-with-deaf-boy/-/11983998/17862788/-/11wilexz/-/index.html they never discussed how santa knew sign language for such a specific and ambiguously sexual phrase...
  6. Vitamins3

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Kobayashi vs Giant Bear in competitive eating
  7. Vitamins3

    Episode 120 β€” Farts and Procreation

    i got a kanker sore from smilling so much
  8. Vitamins3

    Episode 120 β€” Farts and Procreation

    i got a kanker sore from smilling so much
  9. Vitamins3

    What guest do you want to see?

    David Cross possibly doing charecters from his book
  10. Vitamins3

    What guest do you want to see?

    2nd for Trevor Moore adding Timmy Williams and anyone else from Whitest Kids David Cross would be amazing. Hopefully doing characters from his audiobook like a Rabbi, Cigar Corner guy, sitting on a pole to win a truck guy or Ronnie Dobbs would be cool. Dave Attell Andy Daly's HOT DOG!!!!! and August Lindt (if he didnt kill himself) The Huellitar (Huell "Deutschland ΓΌber alles" Howser) The Sklar Bros Guest Hosting as DJ Squirrly D and Fat Michael from It's Always Sunny in Philly Kroll's Bobby Bottle Service, Chupa Besser's King George VI Scheer's Truck Bastian WIll Arnet Will Forte Chris Cox as Winne-the-Pooh The smooth jazz musician that has an Album called "Hot Oil" but doesn't like to talk about it (I forget who) The chef who loves butter (also forget, Help?)
  11. Vitamins3

    What guest do you want to see?

    David Cross as a Rabbi
  12. Vitamins3

    Episode 51 β€” This Is How We Do It

    More Winne-the-Pooh! I was laughing like a lunatic at work.
  13. Vitamins3

    Dog City: The Movie

    do you ever wonder how many puns about dogs are in existence? well, check out this movie instantly on netflix because it's got them all. As well as Jim Hensen Characters from 93. I'm 23 minutes in and waiting for a line without a pun.
  14. http://soundcloud.com/broken-legs/the-porno-song eh, this song was made using real sounds from real porn... -Broken Legs