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  1. I listened to this throughout yesterday and finished in the early evening. Loved it. Then, I woke up this morning and realized "Dear Lord, they didn't have the 'What's Up, Hotdog?' Memorial Plugs!" What does that say about me? Anyway, another stellar episode.

  2. Amazing episode, maybe the best yet. Everyone was on point, and we could tell you were enjoying yourselves. And what is it about a Nick Kroll appearance that seems to define a podcast? He's at the end of every Earwolf show, at the beginning of every WTF, AND I have a feeling we may see some "Finish On Our Faces" or "The Panda & The Pandemic" T-shirts soon. Love the show, listen to every episode, and I look forward to another year of chartmancing.

  3. Love the show. Listen to every episode when it comes out. Have listened to every episode! One of the best podcasts. Keeps me updated on music and movies. Howard is great as a host. I'm sure Brody is a great guy and a good friend. Don't know his stand-up too well. Now then... How do I put this... Well, how bout this... FDR was President 3 times, and no one else had done it more than twice. Then he went for a 4th term,got it, and... things went badly for him. What I'm trying to say is, Please don't have Brody back ever again.

  4. This show was amazing. The entire time I was listening to it, I was either thinking that A. It was awesome, B. I need to start an improv group here in Central Illinois, or C. I need to go on the Earwolf forums to let everyone know that it's great so there will be more episodes. My opinion is very influential, and it pleases me to use it for good. Also, I didn't recognize my suggestion until the very end, when Matt started naming names, I was like "Oh shit, is that what that tweet I sent was for? Did he even see it?" And to think that last night I was worried about my future in the comedy business!

  5. I'd also like to add that Angelina Jolie's performance, while widely lauded, was completely ridiculous. The big hook of the movie was this was a wrongly accused woman, but she was accused of being insane, and acted fucking insane! Every scene with her was just her with a wide-eyed insane stare.
    I know when a movie stars Angelina Jolie, it's not a big mystery how it got made, and this was pretty widely praised, but I think that the critical eye of the HDTGM staff will find plenty of fodder for podcast humor.

  6. Am I the only one who thought this movie was AWFUL?! And completely insane! If everyone who watched it wasn't constantly reminding themselves "Well, this IS based on a true story...", there is no way anyone would be able to believe a single scene! Not an exaggeration! !!!

  7. I am in love with this show. I have listened to all 4 episodes and can't wait for more. The musical aspect of the show sets it apart from every other show, on Earwolf and beyond. I was singing "Mail. ROOM. Mail. ROOM." to myself all day. You gals are great, and it's nice to share 20-30 minutes with you every week. Thank you.

  8. I heard there would be a poll here where I could vote to protect the show from ever having Natasha Leggero on again. I was hoping to vote to keep the snobby, arrogant and ignorant ("I didn't know what Harvard was." "What's it called when you come back from the dead?") Natasha Leggero's unfunny persona from ever ruining another episode of this podcast. As much as I love people who can insult where they come from (Rockford, an admittedly horrible place) because they're so oblivious and self-absorbed they don't appreciate that where they're from is intimately connected with who they are, as enjoyable as I find someone whose #1 comedic asset is tearing down everything around them (a great trait in improv), I really think Leggero is one of the worst guests you've ever had. Both times. Now, I'm going to make 5 positive comments to make up for this one. This comment about the mentally ill, unfunny Natasha Leggero.