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  1. Please allow me the opportunity to lube-up fellow listeners' ears with smooth sounds in preparation for them receiving the love rods of Not Hotterthan's guests. https://soundcloud.c...d-wuhd-memorial
  2. Giggalo pops and candy drops!
  3. Dear Engineer Dustin and Engineer TBA, My WUHDMP theme has yet to be played because I didn't know how to use a computer properly until recently. I believe I have captured the emotional intimacy of CBB and wrapped it in an intestinal smorgasbord of musicality creating this WUHDMP, which can now be enjoyed. http://soundcloud.co...d-wuhd-memorial Long live Hot Saucerman!
  4. Technoposer

    Plug you? Plug me!

    Here's the link for the jam! http://soundcloud.com/biff-bam-boom/01-plugs-ballad-wuhd-memorial
  5. Technoposer

    Plug you? Plug me!

    Sorry!! I'll re-post.
  6. This song is about spreading the love, Plugs-style.
  7. I wanted to capture the intimacy of the "What's Up Hot Dog Memorial" plugs. I feel that I just may have succeeded.