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  1. Hey KajusX, I PM'd you. It looks like your post got taken down before I was able to email you, Brett told me the situation.
  2. That's what I thought at first but it's not Barrett's, they biopsied it. Barrett's is when your esophagus tissue starts resembling intestinal lining. Also, my throat isn't being burned by acid, it's producing it. It's weird, man.
  3. oniontalk

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    oh shit, I came as soon as I heard! Damn, Spirit Bear, you dun goofed. This is too awkward, even for me. Brett loves forum drama waaay to much to delete an account for something like this.
  4. Guys, it's 2013 and Chalkdust isn't already organizing his lima beans by curvature.
  5. Improv4humans made me realize that I'm probably autistic. Show me a another podcast that can do that.
  6. oniontalk

    Please stop with case closed

    Everyone arguing in this thread:
  7. Wait, has Brett mentioned the full story behind that comment?
  8. Dude, it's 2013, if you aren't on a pure frozen/packaged food diet, you've made a horrible mistake. Edit: it was tostitos salsa. so it still counts. I haven't eaten a vegetable in like 6 months. Engineer Brett can vouch for that.
  9. We're you one of the 3 guys who walked past me in the salsa isle?