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    Summah 2013 Teaser?

    I was out on the Oregon Coast last weekend and I was walking down the beach with my wife and son and I came upon a sand dollar and it was whole! Not busted up or nothin; something I have never found in all my years of wandering around on beaches. Some people have told me that they aren't hard to find unbroken but I'm telling you now I never see them. I was so stoked that while my wife and some played in the sand and flew a kite to honor the coming of Summah I took a stroll and kept my eyes to the ground looking for more all the while whistling the tune to Beach Comber. I absolutely feel that the Have a Summah gods shown down upon me that day as I found well over 40 complete sand ducketts. I am now rich in sea urchin skeletons and in Summah spirit and I owe it all to the DBS masterpiece Beach Comber. It's still a bit early but fuck it this guy is starting Summah early! Devoted Chartist Kjell (Chell) Summah Gum: Bubblicious Sour Apple

    Episode 73 — Ol\' Cookiebeard

    Jesse Orosco jokes; I love it!