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    Episode 62.5 — 2/10/12 TWO CHARTED

    Don't forget; people also see movies through rental, or a buddy who buys the DVD, or a thousand other ways. Just because people didn't see the original film in theaters doesn't mean they didn't see it, and some of those people will come back for the sequel. EDIT: And I got dragged to Paranormal Activity 2 by my girlfriend. I've still never seen the first one.
  2. Komitadji

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    Another week, another home run. Congratulations, Hot Saucerman.
  3. Komitadji

    Episode 95 — Comic Books!

    This 'cast definitely had its high points, but I'm forced to just admit it: I just don't think this show is funny. It's not going to make it into my rotation. Sorry guys :|
  4. Komitadji

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    I still liked it better when the guests didn't know that the final chart was based on their life and times, but aside from that single nitpick, this was one of the best episodes of Who Charted? ever recorded. It was amazing, and this show kills it every week.
  5. Komitadji

    Episode 42 — How Did This Get Made?

    Emphatic agreement about threaded comments. Add a quote function instead. Threaded comments make a message board like this much harder to read.