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  1. Get out your straw boater and your fur coat, cause we're heading back in time. https://soundcloud.com/tedwilson79/vintage-plugs
  2. Check out my CBB Plugs theme. Hope you guys like good Rock and Roll, uh, music.
  3. This was absolutley amazing! Everyone was great but Betsy Sodaro was absolutely fantastic and her poem was hilarious! Love this podcast and I hope to hear more of it.
  4. These podcasts are great but Jeff needs to reign in the chatter and let his guests talk more.
  5. TedWilson79

    Episode 112 — Hollywood's Next Jew

    Great show guys! Howard, that new movie charts theme is FRIGGIN AMAZING!! Funny and catchy and full on DBS. Boh!
  6. TedWilson79

    Episode 57 — A Buttery, Juicy Episode

  7. TedWilson79

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    It's awesome that this can be discussed rationally, instead of people throwing bile on each other, as tends to happen on most other places online. Scott, thanks for creating a destination where people can dissect comedy and figure out why they like certain bits and characters more than others. EARWOLF 4 EVA! (short for "forever" FYI) Personally I like most of the guests you have on the show, BECAUSE of their crazy voices. Half the fun of the show is seeing how the other guests deal with an oddball character thrown in there. But the crazier the voice is, it seems like the funnier the character's premise and jokes have to be, to balance it out. To use your example, Andy Daly is one of my favourite guests on your show, but I definitely have characters of his I prefer more than others. Kudos to anyone who comes on your show and mixes it up, cause it's gotta be tough to swing in the ring with a bunch of comedy all-stars. Here's hoping we get more chances to hear Pamela Murphy strut her stuff.
  8. TedWilson79

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Nice to have a bonus Ep, but please no more Nancy Cooper. She's only slightly less ear destroying than Lil Gary.
  9. TedWilson79

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    David Koechner's voice could be Tim Heidecker's voice's father.
  10. TedWilson79

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    I love Comedy Bang Bang! Always great guests and always great hosting by Mr. Hot Saucerman. I've been listening for a few years and it's consistently been one of the best podcasts anywhere. I also love that you guys are finally being paid to do this! That's what makes shows like Comedy Bang Bang and Who Charted able to stick around! The one thing I might recommend is getting some better Pepsi ads. I'm sure they're a great product and they are doing they're best to be funny, but the level of hilarious content the people on Earwolf bring every week is going to be impossible to beat. If a host mentioned "this episode is sponsored by Pepsi!" or something, I'd take it much more seriously than I would an obvious ad. These are just my opinions and I want to make sure it comes across how much I love Earwolf. You guys are seriously breaking new ground, and making us all howl with laughter while you do! Here comes another donation.
  11. TedWilson79

    Episode 76.5 — 5/18/2012 TWO CHARTED 15

    Howard you nailed it on your analysis of the Avengers. I loved that movie and you deconstructed it hilariously!
  12. TedWilson79

    Episode 71.5 — 4/13/2012 TWO CHARTED 10

    Howards cop story was hilarious!!! I'm loving Two Charted. Thanks H and K !
  13. Hope you like yer plugs at a moderate tempo with a blast of fruit flavours!
  14. Ebonic Plague?! Swedish Feetballs!? I wish there literary awards for podcasts because those words taste delicious. Kudos Mr. Morris!
  15. TedWilson79

    Episode 41 — Teach Me How To Skittle

    Andy Kindler is one of the most consistently funny guests on Earwolf. On every one of his apperances the hosts and other guests are always laughing just as hard as I do! More Andy Kindler is always welcome! Kindler for Prez!!