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    Dear Comedy Bang Bang:

    To scott-o-bott (sp?), engineer steve/doug, and all of the other (unknown by me) earwolf crew: Thanks for all you do! The new Comedy Bang-Bang, and all of the old cdr shows are awesome. I drive most of my co-workers nuts while laughing in a 3' x 5' cubicle, but who cares. The ones who do care, actually, I turn onto this show, and the other greats like you. And they love you too! I can't post at work, and after being plugged in all day its a challenge to get online and give props. This is long overdue, and for that I apologize. The show has come a long way from its humble beginnings. I haven't gone back and re-listened to all the original ep's, but I remember them fondly. While some fun elements I enjoyed have fallen by the wayside (DLM phone-ins), new zany and thoroughly enjoyable components have picked up the space (what's up hot dog memorial plugs music). I am excited for the t.v. show, even though I'm without the channel. Comedy should actually be funny, not queued up with a laugh track reminding us when it is appropriate to laugh. Your special guests, regulars, and even the man himself bring so much joy into mine and certainly others lives while we're drudging away making the cogs turn. I hope that the comedy lubricant you guys churn out never stops pouring onto said cogs, otherwise it'll be a noisy grindy and miserable workplace. 1,000 times thank you, and keep up the incredible work you do!